Maxine Waters: Deutsche Bank now cooperating, because ‘Democrats are in charge’

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Maxine Waters tells Chris Hayes that last year they requested Deutsche Bank to cooperate with them, but the bank didn’t feel Democrats had the authority to request documents. Oh how times have changed. Waters, in less then two minutes, lays out her concerns with the Trump’s having so much business with Deutsche Bank.

And it’s information like this from Cohen’s testimony, that calls into question the relationship between the Trump’s and Deutsche bank. Banks normally do a very thorough job when checking into assets.

Waters and Democrats digging deeper in this area is certainly warranted.

Under questioning from Representative Lacy Clay of Missouri, Michael Cohen alleged that those financial documents were inflated and used for the purpose of obtaining a loan.

“Did the President ever provide inflated assets to a bank in order to help him obtain a loan?” Congressman Clay asked Cohen.

“These documents and others were provided to Deutsche Bank, in one occasion when I was with them, to attempt to obtain money so that we can put a bid on the Buffalo Bills,” Cohen responded.

In the video — Waters also mentioned multiple ongoing money laundering issues at Deutsche Bank and as recently as last year the bank was raided by the German police.

German police raided Deutsche’s Frankfurt headquarters on Thursday as part of a money-laundering probe related to the Panama Papers scandal. Investigations tied to the 2016 disclosure of previously private bank and legal records linked to shell companies created by a Panama-based law firm, Mossack Fonseca & Co., revealed that Deutsche had used that network to help its clients create offshore accounts and avoid taxes.

German officials said Thursday’s raid was unrelated to another problem currently hanging over Deutsche: its role in helping Danske Bank A/S launder billions of dollars for the Denmark bank’s clients.

Watching Waters in this video and her command of the issues is very comforting. Remember when the occupant in the White House called her low IQ?  Low IQ my a**. Waters is extremely intelligent and Trump’s worst nightmare.

Republicans did absolutely nothing for two years, but coverup for Trump. In less than two months of Democratic control of the House, Waters and her colleagues are opening up the floodgates and revealing to Americans they are dead serious about their constitutional duty of oversight.

Elections have consequences. Check and balances, oversight are beautiful things.

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