I won’t strain the aphorism implied in the title, but let’s just say Dowd produced a good column Saturday.

NY Times

Titled “Trump’s Pile of Rubble” she begins her essay by comparing two photographs, one which has come to represent the best of what Barack Obama’s Presidency meant to people of color…


And a second one destined to represent the worst of his successor’s residency:


Needless to say the orange idiot suffers in this comparison.

Granting that the uncle of the child pictured above, whose parents died shielding him from the death dealing El Paso shooter, wanted to meet Trump and was so complicit in the farcical image that meeting produced, Maureen says what normal people feel when they look at the photo:

“But still, there is something sickening about the photo. The picture of Obama with a child was luminous with hope and idealism. The one of Trump with a child was dark with pain and shattered ideals.

Devoid of empathy and humanity, Trump is mugging with an infant who will never know his parents. They were shot by a psychopath whose views echoed Trump’s dangerous and vile rants painting people with darker skin — like the baby’s father — as the enemy, an infestation and invasion aiming to take something away from real Americans. It is the same slimy chum thrown out by other Republicans, only more brutally direct and not limited to campaign season.”
But even after writing those paras, Dowd still feels the need to walk the high wire of normalizing the abnormal, musing that Trump, like Nixon to China, stands uniquely qualified to confront the NRA and actually do something about our national immolation by gunfire.
After briefly tonguing that particular abscessed molar and finding the pain of that fruitless exercise too much to bear, she fetches her rhetorical pliers and rips the diseased carnassial out:


“If the president and Republicans come up with anything at all, it will be a remedy just marginal enough to give themselves cover, denying Democrats a powerful campaign issue.

Moscow Mitch and Dreadful Donald will keep talking compromise and hope that things settle down by September, when Congress gets back.

But point-blank: Our Republican leaders are cowards.

We shouldn’t let things die down.

Because people keep dying.”

Good for you, Maureen.

Please take better care of the rest of your teeth.

When used correctly they are quite effective.


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  1. Trumps shameless , efforts to make a political statement , of a tragedy is simply another example of of a (tin eared ) tone deaf person who has no care for the folks that have been killed and wounded .
    …It’s all about him , who looks ridiculous, with smiles on their faces , as though everything is AOK .
    Thumbs up and great , safe with ,
    …no problems.

  2. Trump’s back to defending himself with
    …Epstein’s murdered /suicide, was on Trump’s watch , and apparently for his benefit.
    ..No matter how “you “cut it . “He “cut funding to the prison system, put nobody , but unprepared amateur’s in important posts of government. ..Now conspiracy theories are abounding , as Trump tries to blame others for his failure’s .
    ..He’s a (wrecking ball ), for our country , and must be stopped before much “more damage “is done .


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