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Soon to be Former Acting Attorney General, a man who has been continually forthright in his disdain for the Mueller investigation, who just yesterday would not rescind his agreement with the “president” that it is a “witch hint,” will likely be looking for his next assignment.  Soon.

White House Chief of Staff?

The position does not require confirmation of the Senate or anyone else, besides the “president.”

Mick Mulvaney has been Acting WH Chief of Staff Since January 2nd.  He was basically lassoed into the position, while present in the White House for another reason.  He didn’t want the job, and has been heard to be grumbling about leaving, since “attaining” it.

And perhaps this is the reason his title hasn’t changed from “Acting.”

Or, perhaps Trump has been waiting patiently for William Barr to be confirmed, so that he could replace Mick with the man who knows everything about the Mueller investigation.  And who will be loyal to him instead of to the Constitution.  The #1 criteria for any White House appointee.

I don’t have to tell you how this would be the single most corrupt appointment yet made by Trump.  And that’s saying something.

Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and their entire legal team could spend weeks being debriefed by Whitaker on everything he knows about Mueller and the investigation.  I can’t think of one rule, regulation or law preventing this.

Can you?

Donald Trump has been reported not to have been working on a response to Mueller’s report.  But any response would be child’s play, if all the information were to be known beforehand.

And I’m not the only one speculating this.  Their are sources making the claim.

I take you back to this article concerning Matt Whitaker being considered for WH Chief of Staff.  This article came out as Trump was looking for a Kelly replacement:

Matt Whitaker Being Considered for Trump’s Chief of Staff


WASHINGTON D.C. — Matt Whitaker, currently the highest-ranking Iowan in the federal government, has learned that he will not keep the Attorney General job — but another position within the Trump Administration may be open to him.


But Whitaker is possibly on the shortlist for another top position. Sources confirm that Whitaker is being considered for the president’s chief of staff position.

This comes after Trump announced current chief of staff John Kelly is stepping down.

And what better way to ingratiated yourself to Trump, than to grovel?

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker grovels before President Trump at first Cabinet meeting

Trump’s acting attorney general just humiliated himself with a display of servile groveling


JANUARY 3, 2019 3:53AM (UTC)


On Wednesday, during a meeting at the White House, these fears were further amplified by footage of Whitaker prostrating himself at Trump’s feet and lavishly praising him:

This sort of blind loyalty is dangerous. Whitaker has already attacked special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, warning that any attempt to look into the Trump family’s finances would be a “red line.” Every time Whitaker grovels to Trump, his ability to oversee that investigation fairly is plunged into grave doubt.

Then there’s this more recent article (yesterday) speaking of the same possibility:

Matthew Whitaker Plays to an Audience of One

Throughout a contentious oversight hearing, the acting attorney general seemed to be auditioning for his next job in the Trump administration.


6:00 AM ET

It took about five minutes of questioning for the acting attorney general to provoke gasps and jeers in the congressional hearing room. “Your five minutes is up,” Matthew Whitaker, an ex–U.S. attorney turned toilet salesman, told the House Judiciary Committee’s Democratic chairman, Jerry Nadler. Nadler cracked a smile, but from that point on, the rules of engagement seemed clear: Whitaker, with just days remaining in his legally dubious role as the interim head of the Justice Department, appeared to be playing to an audience of one.

And then came his stint as a CNN commentator in 2017, during which he blasted Mueller and opined that his probe had “gone too far.” All of this received heavy scrutiny as the constitutional basis of his appointment was challenged in the courts.


Whitaker presented himself to Nadler, a 13-term congressman, with the same aloofness and disdain for tradition that often seems typical of the Trump White House.  And that may have been on purpose. Whitaker, whose tenure ends when Bill Barr is confirmed as attorney general next week, will need a new job.

He has reportedly been considered for the role of Trump’s chief of staff.

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