I just wanted to toss my loyal peeps a quick cookie to amuse them on a Sunday while I rest my tortured eyes.

One of Trump’s most vaunted strengths was supposed to be as a Master Campaigner. He proudly touted his ability to pick a city, any city, pop a pin in a map, announce a date, and immediately attract 10, 15, or even 25,000 people to attend the rally. It stoked awe in the hearts of supporters, and fear in the hearts of foes.

Except that too now appears to be bullshit. I was watching Yasmin Vossughian on MSNBC earlier today, and she had a segment that tickled me pink. There was a study of the last couple of weeks that was just released, and it brings the campaign brilliance of His Lowness into crystal clear prospective.

In the final weeks of the election, Trump hit the road like a hobo with only one train in the country left to ride. In the last two weeks of the campaign, Trump held multiple rallies a day for every one of those days. In fact, he hit 30 different counties in the United states in the last two weeks alone.

And that’s where the non partisan study comes in. They looked at all 30 counties that Trump hit in the last two weeks heading into the election, and looked at the election day results. And then they went back and looked at the results for the same 30 counties on election day in 2016.

The results were pure popcorn for the soul of any progressive, and they also tell a part of the story of how Trump lost the election. In only 5 of the 30 counties that Trump hit in the last two weeks of 2020 did he improve on the number of votes he picked up in 2016. In a whopping 25 out of 30 counties, he actually lost votes from his total in 2016, or even better yet, the entire county flipped from red to blue!

I have spent considerable, ink, shall we say, in past articles opining about how Trump had the shortest political coattails of any politician in living history. But, as this study shows, not only didn’t Trump help anybody else in the closing weeks of the 2020 election, he spent that time repeatedly tripping over his own shoe laces in places he desperately wanted to win. I can only wonder how many of those were people who take the coronavirus seriously, and were personally offended by Traitor tot packing neighbors into enclosed spaces in their communities.

It was Teri who reminded me of the Trumplet, after Arizona was called for Biden, who expressed shock and outrage over the calling. She exclaimed about how she personally had been to at least 5-6 Trump rallies, and every one of them was jammed to the gills! How is it possible that he could attract so many voters, and yet lose the state?!?

How many times in the past have I compared a Trump rally to a midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show? A theater can sell out a midnight show once a week for a year, but that doesn’t mean that millions of people are showing up, it just means that true fans can’t get enough of the movie. Going to six jam packed 25,000 rallies doesn’t mean that 150,000 people love Trump, just that the same 25,000 Dittoheads keep showing up for their fix!

This is one of the things that keeps getting me up in the morning. In 52 more days, we’ll finally have Trump’s orangutan ass in the rear view mirror for good. And when that happens, the historical autopsy of the Trump presidency will begin in earnest. And I am really looking forward to living long enough to see what other vaunted Trump myths turn into dust under the bright lights of impartial investigation. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. Correct. Some of the same loudmouth people are going to the rallies. Some are likely paid. Same with the protests of armed citizens on capitol steps, across the nation. Some of the same faces in far separared States. Where do they get the money to buy thousands of dollars of military style equipment, and big 4 wheel drive diesel pickup trucks? They don’t seem to be working, just protesting. Where they getting the money?

  2. The only thing that gained traction from diaper donny’s rally’s, was Covid-19.
    ER rooms across the country gave typhoid trump their best clinical care by stating, ‘Your Fired’ !


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