Massive Crowd in Minsk Tells Belarus Dictator: Resign Now!

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A massive crowd of hundreds of thousands of protesters gathered in Minsk on Sunday, demanding President Alexander Lukashenko’s resignation and saying “Fuck You!” to the Belarusian strongman’s warning that “stringent measures” would be employed to “defend” the country.


Waving red-and-white opposition flags, protesters chanted “Freedom” as a sea of people, numbering in the hundreds of thousands made their way to Independence Square in the heart of the Belarusian capital.

“Minsk never has seen such crowds in its history,” said an independent journalist in Minsk..

The protesters say Mr. Lukashenko stole the election and want him to resign.

The president has vowed to crush the ongoing unrest and previously blamed the dissent on unnamed “foreign-backed revolutionaries”.

Lukashenko has rejected the idea of holding another election, dismissed calls to resign, and accused his opponents of attempting to seize power.

On Friday he vowed to “solve the problem” of the protest movement.







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