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It appears that at least ten people have been shot in Dayton, Ohio last evening.

This is from WHIO TV:


DAYTON — Police are responding to a report of an active shooter in the area of East 5th Street in the Oregon District.

Initial reports indicate multiple people shot, and medics are responding to the area. Reports also indicate that a shooter is down.

We are working to learn more and will update this story as we hear more

[More to come]





The Dayton shooting reports, which are preliminary, broke around 2 a.m. on the east coast. “Reports of an active shooter with multiple victims in Dayton so I’m laying in bed listening to scanners and hearing them call for homicide detectives. Is not even been 24 hours… This country has gone mad,” wrote one woman on Twitter.

“If you got fam at Oregon district.. check on them ????????,” wrote one man on Twitter. “I was on the phone w my boy & gun shots start going off right next to him.. hella rounds smh Dayton is cursed.”

A woman wrote: “It’s so sad you can’t go out anymore and feel at peace, I’m so thankful all of my friends were safe during the shooting that just happened in the Oregon district in Dayton. A place we all felt safe in for the most part ! Check in on your dayton friends !”



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  1. Wow, Drumpf and his Rethuglican cult are dripping in blood this weekend! WAKE UP AMERICA! Drumpf should be held accountable for radicalizing these pathetic incels who commit these atrocities on his behalf!

  2. I think some of these extremists think ‘white America’ will just grin and bear these horrific events.
    Wow do they have another thing coming!!


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