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I swear to God, you literally can’t make this shit up! If  normal person out on the street showed this kind of self destructive behavior, they would be immediately institutionalized for their own protection, as well as those around them. Welcome to today’s GOP folks.

Axios is reporting that Representative Paul Gosar (R-Klanville) announced that he has sent a letter to both the Capitol police as well as the Justice Department to check the ID of everyone entering the gallery to attend tonight’s State of the Uniom (sp intentional) address. Howcomewhaforwhy? The asshole from Arizona explains it better than I ever could;

Of all the places where the Rule of Law needs to be enforced, it should be in the hallowed halls of Congress. Any illegal aliens attempting to go through security, under any pretext of invitation or otherwise, should be arrested and deported.

OK, the first burning question is why in the hell Gosar thinks that undocumented immigrants are getting ready to storm the barricades of the House of Representatives, just to sit in the gallery and listen to  the GOP Grand Wizard opine to the nation about what criminal shits they are. But it turns out that there is actually a reason for Gosar’s babbling insanity. And it ain’t gonna help the Republicans one little bit, especially if he gets his way, and the Capitol police and Justice Department carry through on his request.

It turns out that at least 27 Democratic members of congress have invited DACA recipients, as well as other immigrants with temporary protected status, presumably Haitian refugees as their guests to attend the SOTU tonight. So, what Gosar is proposing is that immigrants with active protective status, and invited guests of sitting members of congress no less, should be rounded up, placed in zip ties, and escorted from the building and put on the next bus to Nuevo Leon. 

This is in-fucking-sane. Not only is it inherently racist and unAmerican, but if it happens, it’s a media nightmare for the GOP. By proudly proclaiming this to the public, Gosar has just ensured that every point of exit from the House gallery will have a television camera at it, breathlessly waiting for images of poor brown people, their hands restrained behind their backs, being marched off for an unplanned trip to the border. If the outrage against the display is strong enough, it not only quite possibly fuels another government shutdown, with the issue much more popular for Democrats the second time around, but it indelibly sears in the memory of every Latino voter going into November.

Every time I think they can’t possibly get any stupider, they turn around and gleefully prove me wrong. I swear, I’m starting to believe that every sitting GOP politician is a Magna Cum Laude of the Jefferson Davis school of Politics. Nice work, moron.

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