Mary Trump Suggests If Trump’s Reelected, He’ll Ask Pence To Resign and Give Ivanka VP Job


Mary Trump has given another interview, this time with The Independent, and her predictions for what would happen should her Uncle Donald get reelected are frightening. I mean frightening. It will come as no shock that Trump’s reelection would single the end of democracy as we know it. The Independent:

“I think if somehow Joe Biden doesn’t win in November, then I think it all becomes a moot point because we’re going to be operating in a completely different system – we’re going to be dealing with a party… and somebody in the Oval Office who is totally unfettered,” she says. “Donald in particular will feel he has to answer to nobody.”

Under such circumstances, Mary Trump agrees with the suggestion that it wouldn’t be a stretch for her uncle to feel that he would be free to ask Mike Pence, the vice president, for his resignation, then proceed to browbeat the Congress into approving his daughter as the new vice president. And because she believes he has no qualms about cheating to win re-election – and is engaging in it right now by calling the legitimacy of mail-in voting into question and ordering the post office to slow down mail – she says Democrats need to make sure they win in a landslide so massive as to be unquestionable.

The image of Ivanka as vice president and geared up to create a Trump dynasty is something out of a nightmare, but then so is everything else this family has thrown our way. And this will put you on the floor. Dr. Trump says that her cousins are an illustration of the Dunning Krueger effect. Oh.My.God. Coming from a relative is one thing, coming from a relative who is a psychologist is another.

… in an interview with The Independent, Dr Trump, the author of the best-selling Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created The World’s Most Dangerous Man and a clinical psychologist by training, says the possibility that either of her cousins would choose follow their father into electoral politics shows that the validity of the Dunning-Kreuger effect – the fact that less intelligent people overestimate their gifts – “gets absolutely reinforced every day”, and is evidence of the poor condition the Republican Party is in after nearly four years with her uncle at the helm.

“The fact that the Republican Party is in such a state that either one of these people could be considered is quite astonishing,” says Dr Trump, who adds that of her two eldest cousins, it is more likely that Donald Trump Jr – who she calls “Donny” – will follow his father into the political arena.

“He’s tied into the base in a more fundamental way because he’s so abrasive and so vicious from what I can see online, he has no boundaries he won’t cross, and there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to advance Donald’s agenda, so I assume the same thing would be true for his own,” she explains. “But I don’t see Ivanka having the same kind of appeal to them [the GOP base] in brute force terms.”

Finally, Dr. Trump reiterates what we all know, that Donald Trump must be defeated by a sufficient enough margin to where he won’t fight it. And she says, interestingly, that if that happens, he will be “so narcissistically injured that he’ll have to get away from it just to protect himself from acknowledging it.” And the article goes on to say, “she predicts that the president is far more likely to react by claiming that he’s the best thing that ever happened to the country but because ungrateful voters don’t appreciate him as their president, he will instead ‘do something really important, like take over [pro-Trump One America News] or something.'”

That sounds about right. We’ll be sorry that we got rid of Donald Trump, he will tell us — if he gives a concession speech at all, which I don’t hold out a lot of hope for, but if he does, that’s about the size of what it will be. And whatever his post presidency plans are, there is the small matter of dealing with the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, that awaits him and his spawn. Lady Karma is taking a meeting with Lady Justice and the two of them will brew up quite a confection for the Trumps, because the Trumps have given them all the ingredients to do so.


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William H. Murphy
William H. Murphy

Mary Trump is right on target. People need to listen to her.


Lock them up, lock them all up!