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Way back in 2020 (seems like a long time ago now, doesn’t it?), Mary Trump who is the estranged niece of Donald Trump, confidently predicted that he would only talk about running in 2024, but wouldn’t actually run because he would be so afraid of losing again.

I disagreed with Mary and have been just as confidently predicting that Trump will run in 2024.

Mary has now changed her mind. She is now claiming that her uncle will run in 2024. She gives two reasons for her change of heart. The first is because she claims that he “still seems to be getting away with everything, right?

It’s not clear what she means by that.

The second reason is all the voter suppression laws being passed. She claims they would rig the election in Trump’s favor and guarantee him a win.

I believe that she is right that Trump will run in 2024, but I disagree with her reasons.

I think that Trump will run again because of his low intelligence and severe mental illness.

What do I mean by that?

First of all, those of us who live in the New York area and have observed his career since the 70s know that Trump is incredibly stupid. He was the laughingstock of the New York real estate world because he was a terrible businessman who couldn’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag.

He always bought the wrong properties and paid way too much for them. He has filed for bankruptcy six times. SIX TIMES! Often times, all he was left with was Trump Tower and his vulgar, gilded penthouse, the perfect example of how a poor man thinks that rich people live.

Somehow he always managed to convince banks to lend him more money so that he could keep on buying and losing real estate.

When The Apprentice was announced, I thought that it was going to be a parody show. Who in their right mind would cast a failed businessman as a titan of industry? But it wasn’t parody and people around the country conveniently forgot that reality shows are not reality and were introduced to Trump as a successful entrepreneur.

If you are still wondering why anyone would vote for him, it’s because they only know him from The Apprentice. They have no idea about his previous career as a local punchline in New York.

Now let’s take a look at his recent behavior.

Trump doesn’t think that he lost the election as Mary claims. He thinks that he won. He has never conceded the election so in his mind that means that he hasn’t lost. The reason why he thinks that he won is because his advisors told him that if he won 68 million votes, he would win the election.

He ended up winning 74 million votes. He got the 68 million votes he needed to win plus more, so he thought that he won the election.

I know, I know. Biden won 80 million votes so he won, but Trump is stupid. He thought that all he needed to ensure a victory was 68 million votes which he exceeded so that meant that he won. It doesn’t matter how many votes Biden earned. What’s important is how many votes Trump earned.

Don’t think about it too hard. You will get a headache. I told you, the man is stupid.

Here’s another good example of his low intelligence. He doesn’t understand how mail-in voting works. It was anticipated that Democratic voters would vote by mail and Trump voters would vote in person. So that meant that when the polls closed, it would appear that Trump was winning, but once the mail-in vote was counted, Biden would win.

Trump had a temper tantrum on election night because mail-in votes were being counted after the polls closed. Votes which trended Biden. Trump kept saying that the polls were closed so the counting needed to stop. In his mind, only votes cast before the polls closed should count.

No matter how many times it was explained to him that the mail in votes were votes that had been cast weeks or even months before the polls closed but not counted until election night, he doggedly insisted that they shouldn’t be counted because the polls were closed.

This is the origin of the “stolen election” and the ballot dumps that he keeps talking about. Stolen, because he was winning until the “ballot dumps” of mail-in ballots were counted swinging the election to Biden.

Biden stole the election from Trump with illegal mail-in ballots that suddenly appeared after the polls closed. Even though the mail-in ballots had been there, waiting to be counted, all along.

So why do I say that he is severely mentally ill? I am not a mental health professional, so I won’t venture to diagnose him but it’s obvious to everyone that Trump is mentally ill. His grasp of reality is tenuous at best. His thinking is extremely disordered.

Once more, let’s take a look at his recent behavior.

I’ve written a lot about the replica of the Oval Office that he created at Mar-a-Lago, the fake presidential seal on his stationery, that people must refer to him as the president, not the former president.

He has even adopted the number 45 as his brand. The URL for his website is The URL for his PAC is Look closely at photos of his cuffs. They are monogrammed with the number 45 instead of his initials.

Yes, all of this is hysterically funny and kinda pathetic to the rest of us, but to Trump it’s all real. It’s like children playing house. The “food” that they “cook” and “eat”, the dolls that substitute for babies, the dress-up clothes that they wear, are all as real to them as the food their parents cook and their baby siblings.

Trump has constructed an alternate reality where he is still president. He works in the Oval Office. He meets with a cabinet. He holds rallies like he did when he was president. He is still the head of the Republican Party, dictating policy and candidates.

Unfortunately, in that case, the Republicans are enabling him in his fantasies by allowing him the power to run the Party which further reinforces Trump’s alternate reality.

He is clearly unwell.

And despite his obvious mental illness, he will run again in2024 provided his health remains good.

If he loses, we will be treated to a repeat of the aftermath of the 2020 election. He cannot accept defeat because in his world, he always wins the election.

If he wins the election, which could happen depending on who is running against him, God help us all. It took him nearly four years to figure out the best way to run the White House and the country: surround himself with sycophants and ignore everyone else.

This time around, he will actively resist all restraints on his behavior, dooming the rest of us to poverty, ill health and environmental disaster.

But none of it will matter to Trump, because in his world, he is always right and the world is always wonderful.

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