Mark Zuckerberg had a secret White House dinner with Donald Trump

Maclean's / YouTube Mark Zuckerberg s hearing Seven questions...
Maclean's / YouTube

The political leanings of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg haven’t exactly been hard to decipher. In addition to refusing to take down right-wing ads that contain deliberate lies, Zuckerberg has been more than chummy with his fellow conservative billionaires and Republican politicians. He recently had a series of meetings with conservative journalists and politicians to discuss pushing their ideas on Facebook, and declares that following the rules of other sites and networks to remove clear lines would be against “free speech.”

On Wednesday night NBC reported that following a visit to Capitol Hill in which Zuckerberg pushed—to great disdain—the idea of Facebook’s own cryptocurrency, he stopped in for a secret dinner with Donald Trump.

Facebook has since issued a statement calling the meeting “normal,” except that it was not on the White House schedule, or mentioned by Zuckerberg, Trump, or anyone else until it was uncovered by reporters. The White House has continued to decline any comment.

Also present at this small soiree was Facebook board member, billionaire, and genuine vampire Peter Thiel. Thiel, a major donor to Republican campaigns and the money behind a series of nuisance lawsuits that forced the website Gawker into bankruptcy, has denied allegations that he has himself regularly injected with blood from young people.  Which would be easier to believe, had he not talked about injecting himself with blood from young people.


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Hope that they enjoyed cold Big Macs and whoppers and rubbery freedom fries, zuckerturd is treasonous douchebag

chris whitley
chris whitley

There should be some ethics violations here. If not Democrats need to borrow from republicans playbook and say there are.