Mark Warner To Shortstop Trump’s Latest Collusion Invitation In Senate Vote

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Trump shocked normal sensibilities and aroused the ire of lawmakers, and justifiably so, when he openly invited foreign interference with the 2020 election in an interview Wednesday with George Stephanopoulos. This echoed Trump’s open invitation to Russia in 2016 to obtain Hillary’s emails. Senator and Ranking Member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Mark Warner, wasn’t having any of it.

“The comments of President Trump yesterday were extraordinary, even in Trumpworld. The fact that this president has so little moral compass or understanding of the need to protect our nation to say that he would still welcome information from Russia, China or other potential adversaries if it helps his political campaign? It’s outrageous.”

A few weeks ago Warner introduced legislation stating that if anybody running for office was contacted by a foreign power there would be an affirmative duty to report that information to the FBI — a fact which Trump undercut yesterday, when he said that the FBI didn’t know anything in essence. “The FBI director is wrong,” quoth the ravin’ lunatic.All our leaders and all our institutions know less than Donald Trump in this mad through the looking glass world. That’s what tiny thumb Tin Despot Donald really believes.

“Today, I will go before the Senate and ask that this legislation be brought up for unanimous consent. I think that this is absolutely essential that we send a message to our adversaries that intervening in our Democratic process is against the law and not appropriate. And my hope would be that somebody in the White House would counsel Mr. Trump that encouraging interference in our elections is beyond the pale in terms of honoring your occupation to defend the United States.”

If you missed the Stephanopolous interview, Trump told Stephanopolous that “in the real world” you used whatever information you could get against your opponents. In Trump’s real world, which includes plenty of Cosa Nostra contacts, that is unquestionably the case. The rest of us don’t see it as normal to be married to the mob and using their playbook. Good for Mark Warner and any other lawmaker who stands up to this depravity.

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David Bishop
David Bishop

Ah…Pelosi demures, again.