We’re now at a point in our history where you can say literally anything about Democrats, and as long as it at least sounds sinister it will be eagerly embraced by the Trumpian troglodytes like a fully vetted, lifesaving vaccine that can save their local economies and their communities and …  erm … no. Bad example.

More like Truck Nutz. They’ll embrace it like Truck Nutz. And like Donald Trump, the Truck Nutz of U.S. presidentz.

More importantly, it doesn’t matter if what you say about Democrats makes any sense at all. In fact, the agitprop is probably even more effective if it doesn’t. To wit: Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks Democrats are communists, and their confederates in their swift and malign Marxist takeover are none other than … U.S. corporations.

Here she was at Trump’s latest Loser-palooza Rally in Perry, Georgia, on Saturday:


GREENE: “Let’s talk about who the Democrats really are. They’re communists, and they’re forcing their communism through the corporations, the big corporations, like you’ve seen that plane flying around about Twitter. Yeah, they want to kick you off, cancel your voice, force your company to make you be vaccinated just to go to work, and then they want to tell you that they need a climate corps so they can run around and give you a ticket for too much carbon.”

Okay, sure. That’s exactly what Walmart and Monsanto want. A planned economy in which the government controls the means of production. They’re all but clamoring for it.

We can laugh, but because no one in the press ever asks these gently used, semi-ambulant ungulate crania to define socialism and communism—i.e., economic systems in which the public and state, not corporations, control the means of production—they can throw the terms around freely, like they’re feeding fermented breadcrumbs to already drunk pigeons.

Needless to say, Twitter had some salty reactions to MTG’s gormless gooble-gobble:






Of course, Greene’s anti-communist diatribes don’t actually need to make any sense. “Communism” isn’t a philosophy in their minds so much as a swear word. Our country isn’t remotely close to being communist, and I don’t know a single Democrat who actually wants to convert us to a fully state-owned and planned economy. Joe Biden sure doesn’t. He does, however, want to put a check on, um, corporations and require them to pay their fair share of taxes. For some reason, I don’t see a lot of cooperation from corporations when it comes to that goal. As for the vaccines? Well, “forcing” those on workers is a legitimate worker safety measure. Though I suppose Marjorie prefers a slow-moving Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire

But, sure, keep jibber-jabbering, Marge. At some point you’re bound to accidentally say something that’s true. Maybe you can race the roomful of monkeys banging on typewriters for all eternity. I’ll put my money on the monkeys, but hey, you never know.

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