Marc Bernier, a right-wing radio host opposed to vaccinations, has died of Covid-19 after a three week hospital stay.


As host of “The Marc Bernier Show,” Bernier had expressed anti-vaccine sentiment less than a week before his hospitalization. On July 30, he quote-tweeted a Fox News PSA urging people to be vaccinated with, “Should say, ‘Now the US Government is acting like Nazi’s. Get the shot!’”

Phil Valentine died a week ago.


A conservative radio host in Nashville who derided vaccines and spread misinformation about the coronavirus has died of COVID-19. Phil Valentine was 61.

Though Valentine downplayed the efficacy of vaccines and even went so far as to record a parody song mocking them, he reversed his opinion while in the hospital, advising his family members to get the jab.

 Jimmy DeYoung, whose Christian radio show “Prophecy Today” was carried by 1500 stations worldwide, died of Covid August 15.


In February, DeYoung published an interview promoting the conspiracy theories that the Pfizer vaccine would make women sterile and that world governments were using the virus and vaccine to centralize power. DeYoung’s guest at the time, Sam Rohrer, said that very few people who were infected lost their lives, calling the vaccine only a “purported solution” and “not truly a vaccine.”

Dick Farrell who called Dr. Anthony Fauci a “lying freak” and said Covid vaccines are “poisonous” died August 6.


Dick Farrel, a longtime conservative radio host based in Palm Beach County, Florida, who was skeptical of the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic and refused to get vaccinated, has died of COVID-19.

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