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Jared Kushner is a lot of things: addlepated titmouse; bemused silver-spoon-asshole-enabler; failing real estate investor; poor man’s Count Chocula; quasi-sentient ambulatory sperm whale placenta in Little Lord Fauntleroy finery; Ivanka Trump’s third-favorite dildo.

But don’t ever call him a decent landlord.

Because apparently, he’s a slumlord. In — wait for it! — Baltimore.

You know, that so-called rat-infested garbage heap his father-in-law loves to tweet about.

It’s always, always, always projection with these idiots.



A scathing investigation in 2017 by ProPublica and co-published by The New York Times — headlined “The Beleaguered Tenants of Kushnerville” — slammed the multiple projects purchased by Kushner Cos. when it was helmed by Jared Kushner and managed by a subsidiary. Kushner Cos. bought up some 15 complexes, almost all of them in the Baltimore area, housing as many as 20,000 people, according to ProPublica. None of the housing complexes are in Cummings’ district but several are close enough to share a ZIP code, Bloomberg reports, and many house African-Americans,

The investigation examined charges of decrepit conditions and lawsuits filed against tenants when they tried to move out. One court case described a leaking bedroom ceiling, maggots in the living room carpet and raw sewage spewing [from] the kitchen sink in a complex called “The Cove.” It’s the kind of apartment in which “no human being” would “want to live,” to quote Trump’s comment about Cummings’ Baltimore district.

The apartments’ residents also brought lawsuits alleging that their rents were mysteriously larded with late fees and other added fees “as part of a ruse to evict them when the money wasn’t paid.”

No wonder Ivanka wanted to marry this guy. You’re drawn to what you’re familiar with, right?

But, sure, Donnie Dipshits. Keep tweeting about Elijah Cummings, who — wait a second, I have it right here — isn’t a Baltimore slumlord. Hmm.

Then again, he also isn’t white, and that’s the whole point, isn’t it?


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4 Comments on "Many people are saying Jared Kushner is a Baltimore slumlord"

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well… I am wondering how involved is Jared with Epstein… he has pictures with him… so I am thinking … hummm


Don’t forget, Kushner is Fredo in Trump’s crime family.

Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

This guy always looks like he’s ready to crack. Imagine what he goes through, being told daily by Douchebag Donald and Insidious Ivanka telling him to sit and rollover. but you reap what you sow. Maybe he will snap and take them both down. Lol

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

….Epstein and Kushner are of the same ilk. They “”think “they are superior, as a gift of God.
They hide it well , it at the end of the day ,
it became exposed by their actions.
Don’t be fooled by them . Like Trump they will throw anyone under the bus that will be helpful
to their cause .No amount of loyalty will help
their previous relationship with Trump, they are gone , as a result of ( death by Trump ) !!