It took Ari Melber of MSNBC to point out that Senator Joe Manchin has been lying to the Media and the public about his “negotiations” with other Senate Democrats and President Biden.  Melber has the receipts as they say.  And former Senator Claire McCaskill — now an MSNBC political analyst — has me thinking that Kyrsten Sinema is one of her “Senate sources.”  McCaskill has been blowing kisses at Sinema for several months now, and McCaskill reported that — wait for it — Sinema is actively engaged with the DETAILS of what she wants and doesn’t want in the reconciliation bill.  According to McCaskill, Sinema has been “studying” the issues and has “plenty of spreadsheets” with regards to the reconciliation bill.

When McCaskill said that, I swear I looked at my antihypertensive medications for mental side effects.

But Machin was stealing all the attention today, especially since he decided to throw Schumer and Biden under the bus with his “revelation” that he offered a paltry $1.5 trillion over ten years for the reconciliation bill back in JULY.  The talking heads at MSNBC ran around like chickens with their heads off.  Chuck Todd thought that this was some kind of scandal that Schumer and Biden didn’t share this information with the House Democrats and the public at large.  Poor old Joe Manchin!  Schumer and Biden treating Manchin like some bad faith negotiator all this time!

It wasn’t until Ari Melber showed up in the 6 P.M. hour that we found out that Manchin has been LYING to everyone else when it came to his demands.  I don’t have the link, but Manchin was specifically asked by reporters if he had a figure for obtaining his vote for the reconciliation bill , and Manchin said that he had not looked at the numbers.

Gosh, I wonder why progressives don’t trust Manchin?

But then I got to hear Claire McCaskill praise Kyrsten Sinema today.  And I remember she did that several months ago as well.  Back then, McCaskill thought that Sinema was doing better at poltics with her maverick routine because her approval ratings were higher than President Biden’s in AZ.  And at the time, I was like, “WTF?”  

This love for Sinema’s shrewed political dealings -cough, cough, bullshit — made me realize that Sinema is one of the McCaskill’s “sources.”  How else do you explain a centrist loser’s admiration for a person who according to John Heilemann of MSNBC is fast becoming a PARIAH in the Senate Democratic Caucus?  Even the White House is leaking to the Media that she has not provided ANY DAMN DETAILS with what she wants in the reconciliation bill!

It was just an awful day of bullshit spewing forth from MSNBC for most of the day.  It appears the clean up is for the night crew at MSNBC.  But I am already worn out by all the lies.

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