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Here’s a tweet from Charlie Kirk, who according to his own Twitter account is the Founder and President of Turning Point USA, a conservative, right-wing nonprofit organization whose stated mission is “to educate students about true free market values.”  Looks like Twitter users just educated their leader.

Kirk tweeted, “Why is Manafort in prison and Hillary isn’t?”  Answer, “Why do ducks float but rocks don’t?  We’re making up super dumb questions, right?  Did I do that right?”  Yes, Hoarse Whisperer, you nailed it!

The next one is also just as awesome, “Why does looking at the sun burn your eyes but looking at the moon doesn’t?”

But the best response comes from Tea Pain who tweeted, “Because your party investigated Hillary for 6 years and found nothin’, then Bob Mueller investigated Manafort for a couple of months and found 30 million dollars of money launderin’ and tax fraud.  That help, little feller?”

Here’s a few more, just for fun.

And then elsewhere on Twitter, this one just says it all, doesn’t it?

Let the schooling continue!!

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    • “You just can not fix stupid.”

      You’re probably right, but…..can we at least TRY a frontal lobotomy?

  1. It is a shame that this exemplary woman has been persecuted her entire career (probably life) . It is also insult to injury that her husband seems less than supportive and was a serial cheater. If there is a heaven, Hillary deserves sainthood. Very few women and No men could have put up with this harrassment for so many years and achieved as much as she has. She is quite an inspiration.


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