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This won’t take long. NBC News is reporting that Robert Mueller has just asked the federal judge in charge of the Paul Manafort case to oid his updated bail agreement and throw him  back under the old restrictions. And for damn good reason.

The reason? Mueller has learned that Manafort was working with a Russian national to anonymously pen an op ed defending his deals. The problem? The federal court judge was very specific that none of the participants were to make any public statements, or to “try the case in public.” And there’s nothing quite like unilaterally getting your side out of the story to violate that order.

Remember what’s at stake here. Under his original plea, bail was dependent on him being under house arrest, he could leave his residence only to consult with his attorneys, seek medical attention, and go to church. He was also subjected to 24 hour electronic monitoring by wearing an ankle bracelet.

So, Manafort is finally starting to find out just howdifferent from Trump he is. While Trump may be able to thumb his nose at the law at the moment, his one time close proximity didn’t quite rub off on the legal world for him. My only concern is that if he goes back under house arrest, he may not live to see his trial. God knows if I was stuck 24/7 with a sleazy little character like him, I’d kill him and claim temporary insanity.

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