It feels like little ink has spilled making the case for Democrats to exploit the massive rupturing schism increasingly expanding between Trump and McConnell Republicans.

If Democrats hold the House and Senate we’ll reach PEAK meltdown of the GOP.

Witnessing the circular firing squad blame game sure to ensue will in some ways be more sweet than winning itself.

Especially leading up to 2024… my god, it’ll be mutually assured destruction with everyone beating up everyone else so bad that the once Monolith of Conservative Voters will become increasingly fragmented.

Many would likely end up taking steadfast sides against their Republican enemies and simply not turn out to vote in protest if their Republican candidate doesn’t win.

Hmm… where have we heard this story before?

No one needs to educate a Democrat on the difficulties of organizing a widely fragmented party.

I wish them the best of luck because they’ve taken their precious Monolith for granted for far too long and are complicit in the sledgehammering of their own electoral hopes and dreams.

The Chisto-Fascist element of the Republican Party is a bridge too far for many conservative independents and moderate Republicans.

All the following are hugely popular issues among different segments of that fragmented Monolith with large majorities of American’s in favor nationwide.

They want options and a voice, not multidecade ruling Senators who are best pals with McConnell and funded by the Wealthy Elite.

People Want Clean Energy Jobs (will largely benefit rural areas)

People Want Nationwide High Speed Internet Infrastructure (to bring better access to rural areas)

People Want the Option for Abortion if Their 12 Year Old Daughter is Raped

People Especially Don’t Want the Federal Government Dictating Abortion Policy

People Want to Freely Smoke Weed in the Privacy of Their Own Home

People Agree We Should Tax the Wealthy More

People Widely Support Investing in Education

The only thing preventing Democrats from ever having a chance in solid Red areas is that very Monolith, which is increasingly up for grabs among Independents and Right-Leaners.

All these issues combined with a truly empowering vision of hope for solving real problems that have festered for decades under Republican Rule is the key to unlocking pickup territory in Deep Red states.

Stacey Abrams and Beto O’Rourke are blazing this trail already to great success.

Red Georgia came within 1.4 points of electing Abrams and Deep Red Texas came within 2.6 points of electing Beto in 2018.

We (and by “we” I mean Stacey Abrams) even shifted the electorate of GA 2pts in as many years to clench Democrat wins in BOTH 2020 Senate races.

That is a trend that will only grow stronger as the most conservative among us die-off and those voting for the first time are increasingly single issue Climate Change and Pro-Women’s Healthcare voters by a wide margin among a litany of pressing voting issues that align strongly with the Democratic Party (LGBTQ+, Education, Student Loans, Minimum Wage, Taxes on Wealthy, Anti-Treason etc.).

Not to mention the fact that the liberal among us are fleeing more expensive Democratic stronghold states to big cities in more conservative states like Austin, Phoenix and Atlanta.

America needs more people with the balls to take on Republicans deep behind partisan lines.

People like Brian Bengs in South Dakota who inspired this post of mine with a DKos story of his own earlier this week.

Thank you sir for your bravery in both the military and political arena.

The earlier we pour support into the 2nd generation of Beto’s and Abrams’ competing in challenging territory, the sooner we can clench victory where it once seemed forever lost:



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Can Brian Bengs Pull Off A 2022 Senate Upset in South Dakota?

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