Make the Greater Good Again: there will be an impeachment, because (even) Individual-1 may want it

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Tom Steyer / Facebook

Our patience has been tested since 2016. 2020 can’t happen soon enough.  At some moment even Trump may find impeachment necessary to protect his re-election effort. Federal deconfliction will happen. Constitution will out, complete with amendments.

Investigation still is working itself out as the public opinion continues to move.

This moment still is a process that has sequences, even if so much obstruction and chaos occurs every day, and even if Individual-1 is an unconfined managed risk to the nation.


Speaker Nancy Pelosi: “I think the president every day gives grounds for impeachment in terms of obstruction of justice.”

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2 Comments on "Make the Greater Good Again: there will be an impeachment, because (even) Individual-1 may want it"

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However he is removed from office, it needs to be done. He is ruining our country left and right. He is a disgusting human being and he has a filthy mouth which should be never allowed from a sitting president. He has to pay for his crimes and all the obstruction he has caused during the past two years. Enough is enough. We don’t need a dictator in this country of ours. Lets clean the swamp of him and his lackeys.

Michael owens
Michael owens

Totally agree. The senario reminds me of, “Nero Fiddling while Rome burned”, that is the end game as i see it…DT will start a war to deflect from his incompetence.