Maine Paper Posts Scathing Editorial Asking Trump To Resign


Donald Trump is on his way to the State of Maine (sans Susan Collins, intriguingly) so he can do a couple of photo ops, one with a swab manufacturer to assure us all how totally on top of COVID-19 he is and always has been and another at a roundtable on commercial fishing — where he will undoubtedly claim a “natural ability” in that industry, as well. How could he not? But in anticipation of his arrival, a Maine newspaper said to him, “We’re sorry that you decided to come to Maine but since you’re here, could you do us a favor? Resign.” Ouch. Portland Press Herald:

But ask yourself – can this country take five more months like the last five? You are a president supported by a minority of the people, and your only path to victory in November is to further divide the nation. This campaign could do even more lasting damage than you have done already.

We know that you are not much of a student of history, but you recently said that you “learned a lot from Richard Nixon.”

That’s good, because he set the historical precedent for what you should do now.

In a nationally televised address, Nixon said that he knew that he was about to be impeached over Watergate, and he wanted to fight the charges.

But since that would be destructive to the nation he served, he chose instead to resign. Nixon said: “By taking this action,  I hope that I will have hastened the start of that process of healing which is so desperately needed in America.”

America needs to heal again. Please resign now, and let us begin.

Trump is on some kind of a high right now, because unemployment is only at 13% and there are only 108,000 people dead from COVID-19. On the employment figure, his economic adviser Stephen Moore says he’s “doing cartwheels in my living room.” He must have fallen on his head during one of the cartwheels to be celebrating that figure as incredible, but that’s Trumptopia — if the last wheel hasn’t fallen off the wagon, declare it a victory, that’s one wheel on the wagon, who would have thought, one whole wheel, this is a victory for wheels everywhere and a giant step in wagon engineering to boot. Make Wagons Great Again.

Maybe the good people of Maine will wake Trump up. I doubt it. Or, better yet, maybe somebody will slip him this op/ed ahead of time and he can go off the rails and insult the Mainers, as is his wont to do, and that would be par for the course. But since it’s a newspaper, he’ll just blame it all on the “enemy of the people.” Sure, that’s right, everybody in Maine really loves Donald Trump. What a fool believes, he sees, right? And maybe he’ll endorse Susan Collins. That would be an interesting litmus test, if he would endorse her and her polls would plummet even further post-endorsement. Donald Trump might just be the anti-Midas as well as the un-president.

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He is a jackass.

I watched his dog and pony show. He really is good at manipulating and the fishermen were his target. I have to be careful as I hate him and don’t always start with a fair opinion. My conclusion is that he came not to support susie but to take down another one of PRESIDENT OBAMA’S decisions and criticize pur governor who told him not to come. He acted like the fishermen convinced him opening the miles of ocean was what should happen. However, he had the packet there and ready to sign for his decision. He is slick and all… Read more »

….And take pain in the ass Collins with you.

Alfred Higgins
Alfred Higgins

Trump’s only “natural ability” related to the seafood industry may be the ability to eat three four pound lobster tails at one sitting. Nothing gourmet about this, only gourmand!