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The Independent is reporting that the mother of the boy filmed jeering Native American veteran and musician Nathan Phillips was “provoked” by “Black muslims”, and that Mr. Phillips was “drumming in his face,” and this her poor son was justified in his reprehensible actions.

The unnamed mother of the unnamed Covington Catholic High School student, I’m an email to the website Heavy.com claimed;

“Did you hear the names of the people where (sic) calling these boys? It was shameful. Did you witness the black Muslims yelling profanities and video taping to get something to futher (sic) your narrative of hatred??

“Did you know that this ‘man’ came up to this one boy and drummed in his face?”

No evidence has been forthcoming supporting this version of events, and a close watching of the various videos posted of the incident reveal a remarkable paucity of black Muslims in the vicinity.

The fact that the mother seeks to defend her child is not remarkable; what is horrendous is the depths of racist hatred and contempt that this woman shows in her desperation to exonerate her equally racist son.

To further describe Mr.Phillips as a ‘man’ (impinging the character of a Native American Elder and Vietnam veteran, demonstrates just how vile these people are. That they will claim to love America while simultaneously denigrating honoured members of its society and community starkly reveals the truth of their political vision; America – For White Christians Only.

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  1. The mother of the boy better wake up in the real world. Her brat is responsible for his actions, just like she is responsible for her brat acting like an a$$. Those damn people always blame someone else for their actions. Like it or not if she don’t get her brat straighten out. He’s going to have a miserable life. Everyone has the patient of Mr. Phillips.

  2. If you don’t socialize your children, your daughters may be unable to socialize their sons. Mommas boys do no wrong. This is no different than how the girls get gang raped.

  3. I watched the video that was taped by the 5 guys who were there preaching. They were calling these boys crackers, pasty face and borne from incest. I couldn’t hear if they were calling them names back but I don’t believe so. There was some people chanting Build that Wall. There was a huge crowd around these 5 guys and then the Elder group came in playing their drums to diffuse the situation. You can hear the speaker of the preaching group say that the Elder came to diffuse the situation and then you can hear the kids laughing and the preacher says something like they are making fun of the elders. Then you watch the other video and the Elder is moving around the group and everyone moves out of his way except for the boy who stared the Elder down. He was being disrespectful. He should have moved like all of the other kids. There were a lot of these kids laughing at the Elder group. And then the boy had the nerve to say that he thought the Elder group was going to cause trouble so he was trying to diffuse the situation. Bull crap. Why do people come to WA to a Right to Life walk wearing MAGA apparel? Looking for trouble or just plain racism?

  4. Sooooo sad; any other president would denounce rude racist behavior by people wearing paraphernalia representing him. He says nothing against it because this is visible support for him regardless as if it’s good or bad. Remember; he said he could shoot someone and his followers would still be with him. Cowards also blame others to justify when they’re caught. We cannot expect any better with respect to anything associated with this president. Let’s just hope investigations, Inquires, subpoenas and reports take care of this menace in the White House.

  5. Trumptard in training. He’ll grow up to be a SCOTUS nominated by Barron Trump for his American and constitutional values.


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