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Over the last few days, as bombs targeting Democratic leaders were found across the country, right-wing media has spread a series of conspiracy theories suggesting that the bombs were “false flag” attacks instituted by someone on the left. Those conspiracy theories are exactly the kind of thinking that litters the online footprint of suspected “MAGA Bomber” terrorist Cesar Sayoc.

The 56-year-old Florida native drove a van covered in stickers that were covered in praise for Trump, often using Trump’s own words, as well as image of Democratic leaders and officials covered in cross-hairs and statements attacking some of the same individuals who were targets of his attacks. Daily Beast has profiled Sayoc as someone who “frequently posted conspiratorial pro-Trump messages on Twitter or made threats to Democratic leaders.”

His Facebook account was “almost exclusively pro-Trump” statements and links to right-wing conspiracy theories. Sayoc frequently reposted right-wing conspiracy theories. In particular, Sayoc posted a great deal of theories concerning investor George Soros, who is the go-to excuse on the right for any march or protest. Sayoc directed multiple tweets at the billionaire, including several that appear to be threats.

He appears to have registered to vote for the first time in 2016, registering as a Republican. It’s not clear how Sayoc got registered in Florida, despite an extensive criminal history, including assault, and a previous bomb threat to which he pleaded guilty. The bomb threat, made in 2002, was a felony, which should have kept Sayoc from voting under Florida’s restrictive laws.

Others have identified Sayoc as a “regular” at Trump rallies, though claims that he was a “celebrity” on the Trump rally circuit are so far unconfirmed. Sayoc did record a brief video at a Trump rally which he posted to social media. At several of his rallies, Trump has directed attacks at Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and others who were targeted by Sayoc’s bombs. It’s not yet clear just which rallies were attended by Sayoc.

Tampa-based WTSP has some additional interesting information on Sayoc—including his past as a male stripper and manager for a Chippendales dance troop. His online accounts listed a range of skills ranging from “cage fighting” to choreography.

Sayoc was taken into custody at an auto parts store near Plantation, Florida. Reports have stated that he was traced by DNA evidence or by fingerprints, which could have been on record based on his previous criminal activity.

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