Saw an NBC news story presented on my Yahoo feed ‘White Lives Matter’ rallies flop as hardly anyone shows up.   What the title does not say is that the counter protesters outnumbered the WLM guys by a long shot.

The article is worth the read and very satisfying as it seems that the tide has changed in that out-right bigotry and fascism now seems to be losing the mega phone of the former president.  The progressive groups are more organized and are using cyber infiltrating techniques into the right wing thug groups and their organizing platforms to confuse, intimidate and out those who are planning events that are nothing but racist hatred. 

A couple of my favorite paragraphs from the article.

In Philadelphia, activists tweeted photos of a counterprotest picnic with pizza and Tastykake snacks. In New York City, over a dozen counterprotesters stood seemingly unopposed across the street from Trump Tower, where a “White Lives Matter” rally was expected.

Image: (Rachel Wisniewski / Reuters)

Image: (Rachel Wisniewski / Reuters)

Police in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico, formed a circle around a lone protester to separate him from a large crowd of counterprotesters. Three protesters assembled around a “White Lives Matter” banner outside City Hall in Fort Worth, Texas, where a police line separated them from a couple of dozen counterprotesters.

Hundreds of counterprotesters, bystanders and media members gathered at a counterprotest at the scheduled start time of a “White Lives Matter” march at Huntington Beach Pier southeast of Los Angeles.

There are good descriptions of the infiltration techniques by Antifa activists and other internet savvy progressives..  The “ineptitude” of some of these nazi wannabes is also on display and the reduction of platforms willing to put up with most of this violent resurrection nonsense, although there are still some out there. But many people smarter than me can find them and provide various levels of disruption.  And by the way there is no indication that I could find of violence by antifa or any counter protesters.

Check it out, especially if you need a pick-me-up

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