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You may have heard on Rachel Maddow’s show that a mass purge by the White House was being planned yesterday when Trump went ahead and jumped the gun by firing H.R. McMaster.

“Part of the surprise of the McMaster firing last night was that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and other senior White House officials were hard at work planning an announcement that not only was H.R. McMaster going to be fired but a whole bunch of other officials were going to be fired as well including multiple cabinet officials. Part of the surprise last night is that they were planning on announcing all of those firings all at once when all of a sudden the *resident got on twitter and fired McMaster.”

“…It was a shock to everybody that the National Security Adviser was fired but only because a number of other people at senior levels of the administration were also supposed to be fired at the same time. and those other people haven’t been fired. Yet.”

Then Maddow went on to theorize that the McMaster firing was announced to act as a distraction from the CNN interview which Anderson Cooper had last night with Karen McDougal, who claimed that she and Trump had a ten month affair and she was paid off in 2016 with hush money that was, among other things, a campaign finance law violation. Maddow said that CNN had been advertising that the interview was going to air at 8:00 p.m. and at 6:30 p.m. Trump announced that he was firing the National Security Adviser, she believes as a smoke screen.

Which takes us to the Stormy Daniels interview tomorrow night on CBS ‘60 Minutes’ and what will Trump do to distract from it? Maddows’ theory? He’s going to pardon Mike Flynn.

“If you fire the national security advisor to distract from the first interview, what do you do to distract from the second interview? In the you-have-to-buy-me-tacos staff betting pool on the subject, my pick is Mike Flynn, pardon on early Sunday afternoon.”

“I do really love tacos. I have a square — Mike Flynn pardon and my timing early Sunday afternoon.”

Office pools used to be limited to football games. Now they’ve grown to include what a whack job *resident will do next to create headlines in order to distract from the headlines he fears, which is what his mistresses are saying about him on national television. Is this at all likely? Newsweek:

Trump could do it, but it could end up strengthening a case against Trump for obstructing justice, according to Andrew Wright, a law professor at Savannah Law School and former associate counsel for President Barack Obama.

“Has the raw power to do it, but [pardoning Flynn] itself could be an act of obstruction of justice if he did it for the corrupt intent of thwarting the investigation,” Wright said.

If Trump used his pardoning power as a weapon to keep Flynn from cooperating in any way with the special counsel, it could be grounds for a conspiracy to commit obstruction of justice, according to Wright.

“Pardoning him would have been a seismic event even before [Flynn’s guilty plea to lying to the FBI],” Wright said. But in light of Friday’s [last November’s] events, a pardon “would be perceived for exactly what it is: purely for a self-protective act rather than an act for in the best interest of the United States. And that’s the kind of abuse of trust the Founders were concerned about with our democracy.”

This farce might finally be about to unravel at the seams. Start at :48

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