New reporting Friday night allowed Rachel Maddow to replay the breathtaking number of uncountable ties between the Russians and the Trump campaign. Maddow also revealed that the FBI had piles of evidence  demonstrating that Russian intelligence agencies might have infiltrated the Trump campaign, leaving Rachel truly dumbfounded. Via Raw Story.

Even after all “Over the course of the Mueller investigation, we’ve also got Rick Gates and Paul Manaforts, the chairman and deputy chairman of the Trump campaign, both also in contact with somebody who the FBI believed to be a Russian intelligence asset,” she said. “We’ve got Carter Page, who was believed to be involved with Russian intelligence and potentially reporting home to Moscow about his contacts with the FBI in this country. And we’ve got George Papadopoulos, also involved in the Trump campaign, also appearing to be in contact with Russian intelligence…”the revelations, and all this time, she looked unable to process how we got here.

Finally, Rachel asked if we’d ever heard of a campaign, ever, that had ties to Russian intelligence and government? And Trump has all of these.

Raw Story doesn’t include a point she made that I recall, that the reason we heard about EMAILZ everyday and not Russian ties owes to the fact that the FBI – along with everyone else – believed Trump could not win. Therefore, they believed they had a duty to thoroughly vet the Clinton campaign, then go after Trump had lost, so as not to look political.

Raw Story promised a clip, but it has apparently been removed. Therefore, I included a clip from last night’s show that focused upon the fact that the FBI had an informant in the Trump campaign, not a “spy” as Trump has claimed. An informant is loyal to the United States and brings forth evidence of a crime. A “spy” is someone whose job it is to return with intelligence.


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