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A dog abandoned at a bus stop in Siberia got a new home for Christmas after loyally waiting six months in vain for his person to return. An RFE/RL video tells the story, and Will Stewart gives more details in the Daily Mail.

Upon being abandoned at Mametkino bus stop about 1500 miles east of Moscow, the dog was wary of strangers. Local villagers tried to re-home him, but he insisted on waiting at the bus stop, occasionally following after gray cars, presumably because the person who abandoned him also had a gray car. Eventually the villagers gave up and periodically left food for him, but this became untenable once the Siberian winter became so cold that the food froze before the dog could eat it.

A volunteer named Irina heard of the dog’s plight and drove 250 miles with a team of animal rescuers to save him. The dog, now christened Archie, warmed up to Irina and her other dog, a St. Bernard named Beethoven, and now has a new home.

OK, OK, so it’s just one dog rescued, but come on. Watch the video.

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