LOUIS C.K. Goes Full Jerk

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Well, this is disgusting. And vile. And disgustingly vile.


“The jokes are vile. First, Louis attacks the youth of this generation … comparing them to himself in his 20s, and saying kids these days are simply too PC, well-behaved, and opinionated. He also cracks jokes about non-binary people … and then goes after the Parkland kids.

Louis says the kids who survived are not interesting just because they went to a high school where people were shot, and that he shouldn’t have to listen to them just because they “pushed some fat kid in the way.”

A new low, for sure.”

He’ll either be touring red states only or move into a marginally successful podcast after this.  Jokes are meant to be funny and these are certainly NOT.

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Louis Who?? Don’t know who that fool is & don’t care either.