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Dad of former Trump administration hate-angel Sarah Huckabee, Mike Huckabee was on television Thursday night. Speaking with right-wing wraith Laura Ingraham, Huckabee was talking about how reopening the country sooner rather than later to deal with our economic woes—as opposed to creating meaningful litigation and federal aid avenues for Americans—was the best way to preserve the “American way of life.”

Ingraham brought on Steve Forbes. Forbes is this guy. You might remember him from ZZzzzzzzzzZZZ … Wait, where was I? Right. After Forbes explained that we had to make sure we didn’t tax the rich (that’s honestly what he was brought on to say), Ingraham asked Mike Huckabee to give us an opinion on what the founding fathers of our Constitution thought about … Stay-at-home orders and the novel coronavirus pandemic?

LAURA INGRAHAM: We keep hearing about, “We have to defeat the virus we have to defeat the virus and then we can go back to normal,” but what about what our founders think about the the essential nature of freedom? And very few people are talking about civil liberties or freedom. They say, “oh, how, those can come later.” Is that really the case, when you see such a massive intrusion upon every aspect of American life, in the absence of data, or for changing data or shifting data?

Yes. That was something of a question. But if you are going to ask a truly ridiculous question, you need a truly ridiculous person like Mike Huckabee to answer it.

MIKE HUCKABEE: Well, and letting the decisions be made by a handful of people who are never elected by anybody.

Is he talking about medical professionals, scientists, and infectious disease experts? Because the “founding fathers” didn’t know the term “infectious disease experts,” FYI.

HUCKABEE: Look, I take this all seriously, I truly do. The virus is a real threat. We get it. But at the same time, it’s a bigger threat to lose our way of life, our prosperity, our government, our constitutional freedoms, and rights. These are precious and America was made great because people took risk.

This is a good point. I remember reading about the Boston Tea Party where colonists jumped on a boat, licked all of the teabags on the boat, and then died of the bubonic plague. It was super sad, and now I spell “theater” as “theatre.” But Mike Huckabee wants you to know that dying from the bubonic plague as opposed to escaping to the Americas and running from the plague is the American way!

HUCKABEE: There are certain levels of risk that we all have to take: whether it’s walking across the street in New York City—

What a hack.

HUCKABEE:—or whether it’s perhaps being exposed to some germ or virus that might make us sick and could even kill us. Just, that’s life.

C’est la vie! But Ingraham, feeling the bile building up in her soul, can only breathe if she is able to expel every awful feeling and thought she has. That’s the deal she made at the crossroads.

INGRAHAM: Loss of life is, unfortunately, a part of life. And we mourn every person who’s lost their life in this horrific horrific virus but man, I’m hearing from a lot of people who feel like they’re losing their lives bit by bit every day now.

I know. It’s almost like a stimulus package that gave relief to most Americans instead of mostly the richest businesses might help those people you keep “hearing from.” But, Ingraham is being honest. In order for her to make money, people need to die, and more importantly, people need to realize that for the business world and people like Huckabee and Ingraham (and Forbes), there is a tier system in how important some people’s lives are—and you Fox News viewer are not “essential” human beings.

Ingraham’s show has been a who’s who of worthless television “doctors” and other pundits lying to the American people about the nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the actual risks of lifting mitigation policies too early. At this point, Ingraham has been able to distinguish herself along side other Fox News luminaries such as Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity in her ability to spew truly unhealthy and mean shit to her audience.

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  1. Yes and now we just have to get Laura and Mike to draw the short straws on getting on the lifeboat. I mean, after all it is their idea!

  2. She just has that ‘look’ to her, you know, born with ignorant and unjustified blood-curdling cynicism. Shared by all fox entertainers.

  3. Maybe HUCK -a-Buck , and the (angle of the dangle “can explain why GOD has punished Americans
    for voting him as president.
    Because , if we have 25 percent of the worlds
    Coronavirus deaths, with only 5 percent of the worlds population ?
    We have 33 percent of the Coronavirus cases,
    while having only 5 percent of the world’s population ?
    the big guy (up there) , why did he give it to us ?
    After all, he ( HUCK ) gave us Sarah, “another lier “, who got DEATH by Trump , right ?

  4. Elect a clown, expect a clown circus fire drill!
    Elect the Mengele of Mar-a-Lago, expect Lysol enemas!
    Elect his sycophants, expect the rapture!

    • Seems like “fox NOT news” is the main source of partisan B.S., I know words like “science” and “intelligence” are big words, but they’re in dictionary. All you have to do a little fact checking and see how full of S*** they are, and this so called “Federal Administration”, WOW, LIES-LIES-LIES. Lots of news sources out there, but, fact check the fact checkers and make intelligent decisions, don’t let some over payed agenda driven broadcaster make your decisions for you.

  5. Your life is valued in direct relation to your hourly salary. The bigwigs & manager level people are “working from home” to protect their upper class lifestyles & the rest of us can work amid the virus particles for our poverty existence. Desperate. Needy. Hungry & willing to work for anything offered & lots of replacements waiting in the wings if you sacrifice your life. They’re trying to get the viewers accustomed to the constant loss of life, meh, we all die sometime so get back to work & liberate Florida.

  6. Ingraham, unfortunately your is to report fact news, not to shoot your pathetic opinion mouth off of sheer crap. Even trump can’t stand bull your stating. Soon you will be writing epitaphs
    For a paper when trump is gone. What a loser, just a wasted human being.pure boaring
    rhetoric day in and day out. Just quit would help America great again.


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