Looks Like Trump Is Planning to Ship Detained Kids to Gitmo.


Emily Goldman is a human rights lawyer and the founder of Educators 4 Migrant Justice, an organization fighting to get pension funds to divest from organizations involved with abusive migrant policies.

In the course of her work there, Emily naturally has to rummage about in online DHS data bases.

Below is some of what she has found there:

Who is MVM?



MVM is a company headquartered in AshburnVirginiaUnited States. It is a private security contractor that provides security contractors, staffing, training, translation and related services to U.S. Governmentclients including being a contractor for administrating Trump administration family separation policy.

At the direction of the company’s leadership, MVM has removed job postings related to readiness operations under the current zero tolerance policy.

MVM currently holds multiple multimillion-dollar contracts with multiple US government agencies, including the Justice DepartmentImmigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), State DepartmentUnited States Marshals Service, the Washington, D.C. Public Schools system, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Among these is a $162 million contract with ICE to transport unaccompanied minor migrants. In July 2018, it was reported that MVM used a Phoenix, Arizona office building to provide unaccompanied minors shelter for up to three weeks despite not being zoned for human occupancy or having a state license to serve as a child care facility. According to ICE, it was for those “awaiting same-day transport with a more comfortable and private atmosphere than they might otherwise have at a public transportation hub”.

Back to Emily:

Larger view of documents:

(UAC — Unaccompanied Alien child/ FAMU – Family Unit/ERO Enforcement and Removal (ICE)/ ORR — Office of Refugee Resettlement)

Then Emily points to this:

The numbers are slightly different but I believe Fish is referring this contract awarded to RQ Construction

“RQ Awarded Contingency Mass Migration Complex

RQ Construction is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Contingency Mass Migration Complex at NS Guantanamo Bay. The project will include site shaping for tents, concrete pads for camp headquarters, galleys and dumpsters, perimeter and service roads, and a mass notification system. Supporting facilities include utility systems (electrical, water, and sanitary sewer), exterior lighting, information systems to include fiber optic cable service, utility infrastructure expansion, vehicle parking area, storm drainage, and removal of two family housing trailer units. The contract also contains 10 unexercised options, which if exercised would increase cumulative contract value to $27,117,000. Click here to view our award card.”

In short that money appropriated last week ain’t goin’ for dental hygiene or mattresses.

It is going towards building a “Mass Migration Complex” in Gitmo, a place beyond the reach of demonstrators, good Samaritans, or even U.S. Legislators.

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Thank FSM for folks like Emily who keep an eye on the bastards.

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