Looks Like Paul Manafort Is Headed to NYC’s Notorious Rikers Island Lock-Up.


Looks like Paulie Numbnuts is about to relocate after a New York Grand Jury indicted him on 16 counts of various financial crimes in March.

Rikers Island, voted one of America’s 10 worst prisons by Mother Jones Magazine looks to be the locale where Manafort will be summering.

The Daily Beast

“The brutal prison on New York’s Rikers Island has been home to some of the most notorious criminals in the city’s history, from serial killer David Berkowitz to John Lennon’s murderer, Mark David Chapman—and now it’s set to add Paul Manafort to its rogues gallery. The former Trump campaign chairman—who was sentenced this year to four years in prison—will be transferred there this week from a minimum-security facility in Pennsylvania, Fox News reports. A source close to Manafort reportedly told the network Manafort will be kept in solitary confinement, complaining: “He’s not a mob boss.” Manafort’s defense team will appeal the decision, which came from a New York State judge.”

No one here at Daily Kos wants even a dirt-bag like Manafort to be subject to the violence and brutality endemic at Rikers.

So we should be cheered to note that Paulie will likely be held in solitary confinement.

In a way though,  that is sad, as no one will be able to admire the recent additions to his wardrobe made after Paulie was sent to the Big House….


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Would be nice if tRump was his cell mate. Kardashian could visit them.