Three of the slimiest people together in one sentence, but this report is not from the “fake news” but the New York Post!  Yes, I normally avoid linking to the Murdoch cesspool, but when the cesspool thinks you are too stinky to have around, you know you have reached a new low.

Former Jeffrey Epstein attorney Alan Dershowitz lobbied then-President Donald Trump to pardon madam Ghislaine Maxwell before she could face trial, according to a report.

The 83-year-old lawyer — himself long accused of having sex with one of late pedophile Epstein’s teen accusers — pushed for the pardon after UK media heiress Maxwell was arrested in July 2020 for the sex-trafficking crimes she was convicted of last month, the Times of London said.

The retired Harvard law professor was able to use his close ties to Trump, whom he also represented during his impeachment trial, the paper said.

One of the convicted madam’s brothers, Ian Maxwell, 65, confirmed to the UK paper that he had discussed the possibility of clemency with Dershowitz, who got Epstein his controversial wrist-slap 2008 plea deal on sex offenses with underage girls.

I’m not entirely sure that madam is the correct term to apply to Maxwell.  As far as I can tell, none of those young girls signed up to be a prostitute.  Maxwell was not running a brothel in Nevada with adult women.  These were underage girls who had been tricked and then forced into providing sex.  Calling Maxwell a “madam” gives her an air of — ahem — respectibility that she does NOT deserve.  However, I have seen no other news outlet even come close to calling Maxwell a madam.

But either way this is not a good look for Maxwell.  Before her convictions, she was an heiress.  Now, the Murdoch’s want to call her a madam.

And guess which Orange Ape was interested in pardoning Maxwell?

Biographer Michael Wolff also claimed in “Landslide,” his book about Trump’s final days in office, that the then-president discussed the possibility of pardoning Maxwell.

Trump, one of many high-profile people who had socialized with Maxwell and Epstein, showed a “sudden interest” in the madam during the pardoning period, Wolff said.

And Dershowitz was one of those “legal experts” that the BBC used to critique the U.S. government’s case against Ghislaine Maxwell.  They didn’t bother to tell their audience that Dershowitz is caught up in the Epstein scandal.  And they didn’t know when they brought him on that he pushing for a pardon for Maxwell.

What has surprised me is that this was reported by the New York Post.  

I doubt this piece will boost Trump’s image.  Who wants to be seen considering a pardon for a woman who sex trafficked underage girls?  Doesn’t this kind of blow  up that whole Qanon thing about Trump ending pedophilic cannabilistic Democrats reign of terror?  You can’t be seen as an anti-sex trafficker if you are considering pardoning sex traffickers.

And this piece certainly won’t help Dershowitz out with his Martha’s Vineyard neighbors.  Bad enough to be a Trump supporter, but this just confirms that Dershowitz has something to hide with regards to Epstein.  Why else push for a pardon of this despicable woman?  Is Dershowitz afraid that Maxwell may roll on him and others to lessen her sentence?

I know if I was Maxwell, I’d be out there trying to cut a deal to reduce my sentence.  And the only way that might happen is if she provides testimony on other rich pedophiles.  And you know she is aware of something on some other wealthy pedophiles.  She hung around in that crowd with Epstein.  Otherwise with no deal, Maxwell is probably going to die in prison.  Then again, I’m not one of the rich and famous who think they can get out of any situation.

I figure part of the reason for this article is that the Murdoch’s and Maxwell’s were competitors.  However, the old man Robert Maxwell is dead, and his reputation is ruined because he was a thief.  By the way, the article mentions that Maxwell was disgraced.

Anyway, it just confirms what everyone suspected about Dershowitz and Trump.

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