Steve Bannon plans to “fully cooperate” with Trump-Russia investigators and that is perhaps understating the case since Bannon has no reason in the world now not to do everything in his power to take Donald Trump down and out, since in essence that is what Trump has done to him. To that end, Bannon just retained Bill Burck of the firm Quinn Emanual, to prepare him for his interview with the House intelligence committee, which is scheduled for next week. Burck  is also representing Reince Preibus and Don McGahn in connection with the Russia probe.  Daily Beast:

It is not unheard of for one attorney to represent more than one client on the same matter. But the fact that several key players with Trump administration ties have the same lawyer could irk investigators.

“In general, prosecutors don’t like it when the same attorney represents multiple people who are subjects—or more—because it looks like they’re controlling the story,” said Ken White, a former federal prosecutor who specializes in First Amendment issues, speaking of investigators’ targets.

Until recently, Bannon had largely avoided becoming publicly ensnared in the Russia investigation. But behind the scenes, Bannon sought to play a role in Team Trump’s handling of the issue. He privately advised the president in October to get more aggressive in fighting back against Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, and urged Trump to hire new lawyers.

Bear in mind two things: 1. If anybody knows where the bodies are buried, it would probably be Steve Bannon and 2. Bannon has been abandoned by all his allies. What possible motivation does he have to protect anybody? 

Get the popcorn, next week is going to be very interesting.

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