LOL: There Is No Defense

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How many republican congresslackeys does it take to hold tRump accountable?  — It’s a trick question.  It can’t be done.  Just ask Amash and Romney.

When they were handing out ethics and morals all the republican congressweenies ran away screeching about unlawful restraint of crime and alternative facts don’t require morality.

Understanding the base.

These are people who will do any crime before, during and after its time.  They have demonstrated a number of defensive styles to protect themselves and their Orange God.

  • The Gohmert Defense — Play mind-numblingly stupid (aka act naturally).
  • The Jordan Defense — The shout and pout (cry and whine in private; shout in public).
  • The Nunes Defense — Have a cow and then sue it.
  • The DCollins Defense — The Shift and Shout. (Hey Mr. President.  I’m running for Senate now. Help.)
  • The Stefanik Defense — They’re being mean to me so we must be innocent.
  • The Giuliani Defense — The best defense is lunacy.
  • The Graham Defense — Repeat the Dalek chant — Exonerate.  Exonerate.
  • The McConnell Defense — The shell game (hide in your shell and pretend this is all normal)
  • The SCollins Defense — We’ve learned our lesson.  Really.
  • The Barr Defense — The throwing mud pit (investigate the investigators)
  • The Mulvaney Defense — We did it.  So what.
  • The Conway Defense — Just keep talking and talking and talking…
  • The Fox Defense — The Ukrainians did it (all conspiracy theories all the time).
  • The Impeachment Defense — All hail the king.
  • The Dershowitz Defense — It’s doesn’t have to make sense if you speak slowly and clearly.
  • The tRump Defense — Froth and shout (lie, lather, repeat).
  • The other tRump Defense — I’m a victim.  Protect me.
  • The other, other tRump Defense — Believe me (even though I’ve lied more than all the other presidents combined by an order of magnitude)
  • The other, other, other tRump Defense — Distract and divert (keep doing crazy stuff so they’ll forget about the other crazy stuff)

All of their defenses are laughable.  So, laugh at them.  They don’t like it when we laugh at them.  Well, actually they don’t like it when we breath.  They hate it when we laugh at them.  So, laugh, laugh and laugh some more.  Every time you laugh at a republican, an angel gets another tail feather, tRump’s diaper rash gets worse and Susan Collins gets more concerned.

Remember these are Traitors Undermining Real Democracy, Subverting International Negotiations, Repealing Energy Directives and Harming America’s True Self.  They don’t deserve our sympathy or understanding.  They deserve our disdain and derision.  Point out their obvious lies and ask if they even know what truth is.


Don’t hold your breath.
Portrait of the Rezident as an old man.
They aren’t all trying to mount a defense.

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3 Comments on "LOL: There Is No Defense"

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Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

There’s have never been a defense. Trump knows it, the GOP knows it, the whole damn world knows it. He’s a lazy, worthless crook. And it boils down to the fact, he just wants to stay out of prison. But he is accountable and will get what he has coming.

Mr. Mustang
Mr. Mustang

I f ing hope so! I just want to outlive Simpson and trump!✌🏻️

chris whitley
chris whitley

It’s the non-existence of the head on the pike that trump never said while briefing them and telling them that should someone disagree he would use old world torture and pointed spears in their demise.