thetortmaster / Flickr cowardly liar...
thetortmaster / Flickr

Well, of course that didn’t take long.

Liar? Yup.

Coward? Bigtime.

One wonders how Republican voters feel about having such a coward as their leader. Like most cowards these days, Trump hides behind Twitter and often talks a big game… until it comes to actually manning up in the real world:

President Trump will not testify before Congress under oath, a development that legal experts say was expected but that illustrates the pitfalls of the president’s tendency to shoot from the hip in public remarks. Trump said at a Friday press conference that he would “100%” agree to give sworn testimony in response to former FBI director James Comey’s allegations last week.

“I think that was expected,” said national security attorney Bradley Moss… “This Presidency is marked like none other by a White House tendency to reinterpret the specific words of the President. Every time that happens its credibility suffers,” Zaid said in an email.…

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