So as we await the inscrutable Bob Mueller to testify some more inscrutability, let’s share a laugh.

Here’s a full on belly laugh from this wonderful NPR interview of RGB titled Justice Ginsburg: ‘I Am Very Much Alive’

And, if you haven’t sufficiently bespeckled your monitor yet, enjoy…

For the love of Spaghetti Monster, don’t miss the replies that commeth.


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  1. ..I’m afraid the “ inscrutable “Mueller, is so inscrutable, that he became incomprehensible!! ..I’d hoped he’d have given up some of his (inscrutability) , to help us better understand what the report was intended to
    say in his (cryptic code ), because of so
    many redactions. But he failed to come
    up to scratch . It appears he was not
    willing to give some of integrity, for the
    sake of our democracy. .
    …Sooo , Republicans began to stone the Democratic’s for (unrealistic expectations ) . ….Now however , I believe that
    the way is much more clear for going forward
    to open up “inquiries” into impeachment. ..Democrats should have done it already,
    waiting on Mueller caused a delay , which was unnecessary and while it gave some useful information , it wasn’t worth the wait.
    …Frankly I’d rather do the right thing ,and lose
    , than (not respond) to
    ….’.a “corrupt “president !!


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