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Philadelphia Flyers’ Mascot Gritty is a different kinda guy so he takes representing his diverse city of some 1.5 million residents seriously and has no f**ks to give for racists.

Or, it may be that his unfortunate resemblance to a well known shaggy-haired orange Dicktator compels him to draw bright red lines.

In either case, he did not take kindly to the Proud Boys invading his turf.

His resistance cred, BTW, is well established….

Daily Beast

“Gritty,” the wild-eyed, Muppet-looking mascot of Philadelphia Flyers is an anti-fascist now, and there’s nothing you can do about it, anti-fascists say.

Last week, the Flyers introduced Gritty, a seven-foot-tall bearded entity in a hockey jersey, as their new mascot. On Tuesday, President Donald Trump visited the city to speak at a conference center, where protesters outside marched with pro-Gritty, anti-Trump flags.



…read one massive banner, which showed the hockey mascot waving an antifa flag and wearing a jersey with an anarchist symbol.

The banner had made the rounds on Twitter earlier in the week, after Philadelphia-based writer George Ciccariello-Maher tweeted a picture of it hanging in a Philly backyard, with two masked anti-fascists posing in front. Other Twitter users had previously attempted to co-opt the googly-eyed beard monster into leftist politics. A viral thread of Gritty photoshops depicts him dancing above pro-labor slogans and haunting Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings.”

So when Gavin McInnes’ sorry, measly caravan of wannabe brownshirts came to Philly, Gritty was ready.


Trouble arose, however, after Gritty and his fans were finished body checking the Proud Ones… they couldn’t get a ride out of Dodge…

Raw Story

“The right-wing Proud Boys organization suffered further humiliation after poor turnout for a Saturday rally in Philadelphia when taxis and Uber drivers refused to transport them.

Only 25 conservatives attended their event, while several hundred counter-protested, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Tess Owens, a reporter for Vice News documented how following the event, multiple taxis refused to transport the Proud Boys.”

Let this be an object lesson to Fascists visiting the cradle of American democracy.

If you come to Philly to show your ass, keep track of the horse you rode in on.


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