LOL! Justin Trudeau Brilliantly Trolls Donald Trump At French Memorial In Back To The Future Moment

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LeStudio1 - 2018 / Flickr

UPDATE: DISCLAIMER: There are comments on Twitter indicating that this Trudeau clip is from 2017 and not from today. I will not put fake news on this site. I’m endeavoring to contact Ed Krassenstein and see what’s what.

UPDATE: 1:32 p.m. PST: Daniel Dale of the Toronto Star has verified that the following clip is from last year. It is an uncanny coincidence.

Donald Trump is looking more and more the moron that he is by staying in his hotel room and hiding from a few raindrops. Justin Trudeau both trolls and shames him in a stellar one minute of oratory, as he lets the rain pour down on him, while using it to embrace the solemnity of the occasion and honoring those that fought so heroically. This clip is from 2017, but with Donald Trump doing a no show at today’s memorial service in France, due to inclement weather, uncannily, Trudeau’s words address Trump in real time today, not last year.

Fast forward to 1:20. Trudeau puts his umbrella aside and then pointedly closes it, something that Trump has no idea how to do. Trudeau lets his hair and his beautiful expensive suit get wet. The elements not only don’t stop him from speaking, the greyness of the day and the cold rain actually punctuate his words and amplify his already considerable eloquence. Listen closely and you can hear thunder.

Trump didn’t want to show up because he didn’t want to get his comb-over wet, plain and simple. Plus, Trump had nothing worth saying anyhow. He doesn’t know anything about WWI, probably never heard of it.

This trip has not gone well for Trump since the beginning.

His excuse for not showing at the memorial was due to “scheduling and logistical difficulties caused by the weather.” He couldn’t fly in and land in his helicopter and make a grand entrance, so, hell with it. Because it’s always only about Trump, no matter what the occasion is. And he got called out for his b.s. excuse, by Obama foreign policy adviser Ben Rhodes.

Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel showed up along with Trudeau, which goes to underline once more the difference between a real man/woman, who’s also a real leader, and the poseur that we have squatting in the Oval, watching cable news and attacking besieged California on Twitter. It’s just as well Trump stayed in the hotel room, probably eating a cheeseburger and pommes frites. He only would have said something stupid, ineffectual at best and his glaring insincerity, which becomes so evident when he’s bored and reading a canned speech, would have been the headline. At least he saved us the embarrassment. Plus, he’s only in France to meet with his BFF, Vlad, let’s face it.

But Trudeau called him out, brilliantly. I dimly remember what it was like to have a leader like him, smart, classy, handsome, the essence of articulateness — and then Black November came and here we are, the laughing stock of the world. This is not the Veterans Day of recent years past. Trump defiles the memory of our veterans just by being who he is. He doesn’t represent our country, he merely demeans it.

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