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On the this weekend America will be wallowing in ghosts and goblins as they commemorate the annual ritual of Halloween. The horrors of the underworld will be unleashed upon all who dare to leave the safety of their abodes. This season of fear mongering is one that fits all too well with the mission of Fox News. Most of their programming is designed to terrify their already skittish and dimwitted viewers. For some reason having Donald Trump as president isn’t already scaring the pants off of them.

So Fox News is reaching into their bag of tricks (no treats) to compose the scariest of all horror stories. And the demon most frightening to Fox’s audience is, of course, the grim and ghastly visage of Hillary Clinton. Halloween couldn’t have come at a better time. On Friday evening the news broke that a Grand Jury convened by special counsel Robert Mueller would deliver its first set of charges. Arrest warrants are expected to be issued as soon as Monday. The specific targets and violations are sealed and and will be closely held until official announcements are made.

In the meantime, Fox News is scattering chum throughout the mediaverse. Their clear intent is to deflect from the potentially devastating news that Monday’s announcement might bring. Rather than waiting to see which of Trump’s cohorts will be fingered, Fox News is fully engaged in taking Clinton down. They must have forgotten that she isn’t actually the president and holds no position from which she can be toppled. But that’s of no matter. She is still a dreadful beast to the Fox disciples and Trump cultists. She must be stopped.

Consequently, Fox is pushing a variety of fake news stories that allege various crimes Clinton is supposed to have committed. From the long ago debunked Uranium One nonsense, to the newly fashioned assertion that the Trump dossier was Clinton’s doing. There are no facts to accompany these allegations, but that never stopped Fox before. What follows are some of the frightening angles that the network is furiously working this Halloween weekend. Be prepared to shiver:

Those of you who are not quivering behind your sofas will have noticed the vast array of Fox’s most fear-inducing contributors. Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Jesse Watters, Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump himself, and more are piling on the Clinton smear campaign. It’s a frenzied assault that is based on nothing but pure hatred and a bitter stew of vengeance. But it has a devious purpose. Fox News is determined to keep people from thinking about the legal calamities of Donald Trump and his traitorous comrades. That’s the only reason they dug up these zombie accusations and are hurling them at a retired grandma in Chappaqua.

But it is Halloween, so the rest of us can take this in good humor. If there are serious charges coming out of the Grand Jury next week, Fox’s diversions will be comically irrelevant. They simply can’t sustain this level of absurdity while Trump associates are frog-marched to jail. Time will tell. And for those seeking some respite from this devilish escapade, remember that the next big holiday is Thanksgiving. Hopefully the majority of Americans who are deeply disturbed by Trump and company will have something for which to be thankful.

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