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Oh! The Irony!

Assange’s Lawyer outraged that today’s ‘confidential’ information about his client has been made public (emphasis mine):

Barry J. Pollack, one of Assange’s attorneys, said, “The only thing more irresponsible than charging a person for publishing truthful information would be to put in a public filing information that clearly was not intended for the public….”



Information that clearly was not intended for the public? Isn’t this the Wikileaks Mission Statement?

No — wait. If leaked information about the Putin kleptocracy is offered to Wikileaks, they turn it down. That’s the only exception to Wikileaks’ high-minded ethics. Must. Protect. Putin.


Hey — Wikileaks! If you’re listening I have a message for you: Karma just ran over your self-righteous dogma.   

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  1. Hey Assange, Why don’t you come out of your Embassy hidey hole & drop by the States for a little sit down with Robert Mueller. You can come clean on all of the Trumpian campaign collusion questions in exchange for not going to jail for 10 yrs. for treason you traitorous rat bastard.


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