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Kelly Loeffler has never won an election, and last night was no different. Raphael Warnock won. Big. Right now he’s over 40 thousand votes (at 2 a.m.). The race has been called. Big thanks to Stacey Abrams, who is without a doubt the best political operator in our history.  Also, thanks to Donald Trump, who no doubt contributed to the big defeat by convincing his own clueless idiots not to vote.  Way to go, DT.

Classless as ever, Loeffler has refused to concede.  She vowed to “Fight ON” in a defiant speech—although since the polls closed, many were left wondering what the hell that means. It likely means she will use Trump’s crack legal team to challenge the results in court, claim that space aliens made Republicans dislike her, or whatever the hell.  Trump already tried to blame broken voting machines in GOP counties, although election officials called B.S.

So please, Kelly, go ahead. It’s worked so well for Trump. You and Perdue, who is also losing and will also refuse to concede, can both spend time and money going to the same courts with the same results. After all, you know what they say, if at first you don’t’ succeed, try the same thing 60 more times in different courts for the same answer!

So here’s the deal.

After a big GOP loss, I treat myself by going to Republican twitter and Fox News comments to see how the GOP is spinning their failures. It feeds me. I expected the same bizarre, twisted conspiracy logic that I saw after Trump spectacularly failed in November. But what I saw surprised me.

Just a few, if you please:

  • “Well looks like Trump cost the GOP the senate majority….”
  • “Great. Another Republican who won’t accept she lost. A Billionaire we might remember…”
  • “Gotta hand it to the Democrats, not really a fan of their policies and tactics, but they bring grenades to the fight while Republicans use sticks and stones”
  • “No thanks, Wall Street Barbie. Pack up and go.”

It appears that conservatives might finally be leaving the Trump cult. They are none too happy about tonight. Who could have ever predicted that throwing tantrums and attacking democracy were bad strategies?

Of course, the real crazies went to Parler and are still on Trump’s FB page.  On those sites, you will not be disappointed. They are all screaming that the election was fraudulent after Trump swore they had more fraudulent vote dumps to skew the elections—which Republicans tend to do for Democrats—especially in elections that everyone is watching. My favorite was the comment from a MAGAt that she took a picture of her TV showing Loeffler ahead so she would have proof to make an “affadafit” that she witnessed fraud.

But then I saw it. The best comment of the night:

I KNEW the DEMS would rig!! That’s why I REFUSED TO VOTE!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!  Like fine wine after a stressful day.

Well played, Republicans. These are the morons you threw your entire party away for.  Well played, indeed.

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