gchaucer2 was called away for a bit, but I’m certain she’ll rejoin us in the comments as soon as she’s available. 

The defense’s closing arguments extended so long that they required a lunch break in the middle. Now we’re ready for the State’s rebuttal.

I am not watching the trial myself, but have been following the liveblog comments, and they’ve been more than enough to keep me apprised of what’s going on. My sense from reading them is that the state has presented a strong case; the defense, maybe not so much. That’s good news for Justice, in my book, but nothing is certain until a verdict is returned.

Liveblog updates on the present trial session are found in the comment thread. Many thanks to the erudite commenters who add so much value to the discussion!

The liveblog schedule has been two posts per day, covering the morning and afternoon court sessions. To get these posts in your activity stream, follow the Community Live Bloggers group (scroll down to find the “follow” button).

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Monday, Apr 19, 2021 · 8:15:30 PM +00:00 · belinda ridgewood

From DRo, in the previous thread:


Monday, Apr 19, 2021 · 9:02:21 PM +00:00 · belinda ridgewood

Comment from csinphilly, on what I can only call the finale of the state’s rebuttal:

GF said “I can’t breathe” 27 times within a few minutes. He doesn’t let up. When he is unconscious, he doesn’t let up. When he has no pulse, he doesn’t let up. Even when medicas arrive, he doesn’t let up. They have to grab his arm to get him to let up. GF never regained consciousness.

The biggest shading of the truth [defense objects to this phrase] — claim that GF died b/c he heart was too big.

Reason that GF is dead is because Mr. Chauvin’s heart was too small.

[mic drop]

Monday, Apr 19, 2021 · 10:08:43 PM +00:00 · belinda ridgewood

Thanks to AKALib for locating video tweets of the end of the state’s closing argument and rebuttal.



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