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Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Don’t worry, folks, there will be plenty of time to address fascism once the GOP gets its tax cuts done:

What’s amazing is not just that Republicans like Lindsey Graham think such things, it’s that they don’t have any shame in saying them out loud, too. “Sure, there’s a narcissistic sociopath who undermines democracy daily sitting in the White House, but hey, I’ve got to reduce the tax burden on rich people” is not a sentiment anyone should feel comfortable expressing in public. But for Graham and his brethren, it feels like a perfectly reasonable explanation. That’s how debased we are now.

Really, though, please take your time, Republicans, and enjoy shredding the social safety net to enrich the plutocrats. I’m sure there will be plenty of democracy left to defend after Trump has his way with things.

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