Lincoln Project posts “Secretary of Failure” about Kushner

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We need to talk about Jared Kushner, who has not only failed at everything before Trump became President, but also at all responsibilities he has been given in this administration, for example:

– Middle East Peace

– managing the supply of PPE

– being listened to on firing Comey

And who may already be involved in trying to steal the election, as you can see in this tweet by Frankie Schaeffer:

So you might want to take a look at their new ad:

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These people are most disgusting creatures on the planet.

Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett
The whole damn family is a bunch of misfit failures. Grifters and crooks! Trump is an idiot, complete idiot. Trump Jr. is a “Sonny Corleone” wanna be, but just like daddy a complete idiot. Eric is brain dead, Ivanka thinks the sun sets and rises on her ass, but has a heart black as coal. They are under this idea they their lives will be like this forever, when in reality they are so stupid that they don’t even know their time is short. They know this will end up[ in prison or skip the country. So I wish them… Read more »