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I know they have been working strategies to do in McConnell for months. They are ready. He will have a REAL bad week! They will be needing more funds if you can afford it. I personally am doubling my donation to get that SOB.

strategy call yesterday, for us and our Democratic allies, we have to treat this: “like the race to the Rhine!” Indeed. Join us. Join the Army of the Decent.

Mitch McConnell is next, Joe.

Yesterday, we asked for your advice on which of Trump’s enablers we should feature in our next ad.

It was…a landslide: 91% of you said Mitch McConnell.

So, we’re starting work this afternoon on a new ad.

But, Joe, let’s be clear-eyed about something: Mitch McConnell is not like Donald Trump.

In some ways, he’s worse: calculating, methodical…intelligent.

McConnell may be Trump’s Enabler-In-Chief, but he has also built himself one of the most powerful and ruthless campaign empires on the map.

Taking on the Majority Leader of the United States Senate is a seriously bold move, but it’s one we’re ready to make—as long as you’re with us, Joe.

We’re in if you are. Let’s do this.


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  1. Taking out Moscow Mitch will totally demoralize the repukes. He’s seen as invincible – He needs to go. Ky Dems – you took the Governor’s Mansion – time to slay the Grim Reaper.

  2. The Biggest Crook In Government In The History Of America. Time To Send Him To The Nursing Home Where He Belongs !

  3. Moscow Mitch has subverted our Democracy. He refused to cooperate with CONGRESSIONAL INQUIRIES into Trump’s criminality. HE IS GUILTY of OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. LOCK HIM UP!!!

  4. Mitch is the enabler. He has used his position for years to mold the party into what it is today. Trump is his puppet, not the other way around.

  5. “Restore Honor”…. Campaign slogan for Joe Biden. And the slogan is super imposed over 45th climbing Air Force One steps with toilet paper trailing on the shoe of Number 45.

  6. They should, he trump are for a fact the most hated men in American. Lies and deceit to Americans are their threats. Two ass holes that the devil is the most ugliest and the other very obese. These two idiots are losers in life, they failed in everything they have done both married immigrants,, they also were nerds when young these were the ones getting bullied every day, they are cowards to fight back. This is their means of getting back, and screw America. Their jobs are to create roots, Mahan just like the bully that picked on them. That is very sick, just wait till they don’t work for the goverment , what great days they will have than ha!

  7. He made his brother-in-law, a totally unqualified person, the head of the Pension Guarantee Agency, disposing of a true expert qualified person (a highly respected actuary), so when guaranteed pensions continue to fail, and they will, his supporters with pensions should look to him. (


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