It’s always interesting to see Donald Trump attempt to imitate human emotion, and particularly in this case. Trump conveyed his good wishes to Ghislaine Maxwell, who is accused of heading up an international child rape ring. It’s said that his White House aides were cringing when he did it, and a cringe worthy moment it was, by any standards.

The Lincoln Project hammers the point home in their most recent ad. We need to get Trump out of office before he can pardon Ghislaine Maxwell — as it is rumored that he will. Don’t forget the list of people Trump has wished well: Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, and now Ghislaine Maxwell.

If you’re a political enemy, he accuses you of treason without even knowing the definition of the word. But if you’re a child rapist? No biggy there. Donald Trump wishes you well. Have a nice day in jail. And if you’re convicted? Oh yeah, “Sleep well, you’ve got friends in high places.” Bill Barr will work something out, don’t worry.

No “lock her up” chants for Ghislaine Maxwell. Goes to show you where Trump’s values and priorities truly lie.

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  1. Lincoln Project is terrific. I donated to them. Keep connecting trump to child sex abuse. They need to stay on top of Mitch McConnell too. We’ve got to get rid of him to get anything passed. Cornyn too. People in Texas are starting to wake up to an out of control pandemic & connecting Cornyn & Abbott with trump’s completely botched response. Hospitals are overwhelmed & people are dropping like flies around here. I said from day one that the stupid people in this red county in this red state won’t know there’s a problem until the cart comes by with people hollering bring out your dead. We’re about at that point now.

  2. What I seen his little robot say is significant. Little blondie said last person in this case died in his cell. The president wishes her well. Of course Epstein was reportedly working on a deal. Accidents happen.


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