Lincoln Project Ad Rips Trump To Shreds On ‘Slow the Testing’ Crack in Tulsa, As Expected


There was plenty of attack ad fodder at Donald Trump’s Waterloo Tulsa rally. His hobbling around for fifteen minutes, in paranoid defense of his West Point death ramp walk was an obvious piece of material, and it’s already been done, but the stand out moment was when the Liar in Chief finally told the truth and admitted that he ordered that COVID-19 testing be slowed down. Always good to have a confession, especially when the charge is murder. ‘

If you missed the clip on Trump’s death ramp walk, here it is again. This is a side splitter. I love this piece.

Here’s what Jennifer Rubin says about the Lincoln Project.

The ads are devastating for several reasons: They are produced with lightning speed, and thereby catch the public debate at just the right moment; they hammer Trump where he is personally most vulnerable (e.g., concerns about his vigor, concerns about foreign corruption); and they rely to a large extent on Trump himself — his words and actions. Put it all together, and they manage to “say the quiet part out loud” — that is, to make public what many Americans already think about Trump. As a result, they are creating some of the most devastating ads of this or any presidential election cycle.

Trump has felt compelled to respond to some the ads, as he did on Twitter during the week to make excuses for his feeble appearance at West Point. Plainly, the Lincoln Project has struck a nerve. He wound up devoting a good chunk of his meandering remarks at his Tulsa rally to explaining why he needed two hands to drink a glass of water. He bizarrely reenacted his baby-step descent on the ramp after his West Point speech. The group’s communications director Keith Edwards tells me the group “lives in Donald Trump’s head rent free.” And it is not like there is any shortage of material for the ad-makers. “We’ve only just begun to prosecute,” John Weaver told me. “We won’t let up until Joe Biden is sworn in at noon on January 20th.

Preach it, John Weaver, preach it. And let us all heed this gospel. None of us can let up until Joe Biden is sworn in at noon on January 20th. Amen.


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They really know where to stick it to Trump every time