Lin Wood has been off his rocker for some time, but his Christmas night tweet is the kind of thing that if anybody else did it, there would be a call for intervention. His law partners sued him for fees and they described him as everything from abusive and irrational to possessed of a messianic complex.

They claim that Wood committed “assault and battery” on one of the former partners who came to do a welfare check on him back in late 2019, which was when the erratic behavior began. There are various other times when he summoned them to his residence in the middle of the night or called and texted in the early hours of the morning. At other times he claimed he was disciplining his legal partners “at the discretion of Almighty God.” In one monologue conference call he allegedly referred to himself as “the Almighty.”

He’s only gotten nuttier. Here’s his latest projectile vomit into the cultural narrative.

We’ll pause here a moment while you pick your jaws off the floor and/or stop laughing hysterically…..are you back now? Good.

Now you would be absolutely correct in saying that this is too far out there to believe, and Lin Wood has now crossed into Sidney Powell territory, meaning that Rudy Giuliani will have to disavow him soon. But bear this in mind: Trump himself has turned on McConnell and is also turning on Pence right now, frustrated that Pence won’t overturn the election results and “confused” as to why that is. Trump seems to view Pence as his only hope. No wonder the man is planning to skip town right after the election certification. CNN:

Hours before President Donald Trump retweeted a message for his vice president to “act” in stopping the ratification of the Electoral College, he met for more than an hour in the Oval Office with Mike Pence, whom he has complained recently isn’t doing enough to support his bid to overturn the election.


As Trump enters the holiday stretch as fixated as ever on overturning the results of the election, the Electoral College certification is becoming a focal point for his efforts.
On Wednesday evening, as he was flying to Florida for his vacation, Trump retweeted a call from one of his supporters for Pence to refuse to ratify the Electoral College results on January 6 — a prospect that has captured his imagination even if it remains completely impossible.
Trump has told people recently that Pence isn’t doing enough to fight for him as his presidency ends, and has recently taken an interest in Pence’s traditional role during the certification. As President of the Senate, Pence presides over the proceedings.
Sources say Trump in recent days has brought the matter up to the vice president and has been “confused” as to why Pence can’t overturn the results of the election on January 6.
Pence and White House aides have tried to explain to him that his role is more of a formality and he cannot unilaterally reject the Electoral College votes.
Now read in context, Wood’s tweet is not all that unusual, because it basically reflects Trump’s point of view on the entire subject. I must confess, however, that invoking the shade of Jeffrey Epstein is beyond me. It must be some esoteric knowledge that only a true Cult of Trump acolyte would possess. Somehow Epstein could save the election for Trump? Seriously? To the rest of us, this is just plain batshit.
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  1. This POS should have been taken off the street a long time ago. He’s going to end up regretting running his big mouth off. It’s only a matter of time.


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