On Friday, Aug 14 Limbaugh used 600 radio stations licensed to operate in the public interest to tell 20 million Americans that Senator Kamala Harris is a whore and ‘mattress’ who slept her way up the political ladder.

Limbaugh announced the Biden/Harris ticket has a nickname — “Joe and the Ho”.

He claims it’s not his nickname but he knows his repetition of it to 20 million people a day will establish it. He made his intention clear by making sure everyone knew to spell ‘ho’ with an ‘e’ as in ‘hoe’ — so technically it wasn’t ‘getto’ slang to suggest Senator Harris was a whore….

He repeated it a few times during the short segment, knowing it will get picked up by listeners and other talk show hosts. His listeners will call other shows because they can never get through to him and it’s possible paid callers from US and Russian think tanks will help spread it too.

Demented stage 4 cancer patient Limbaugh is sounding even more irrational than usual and it’s hard to tell when he’s quoting someone else or making stuff up.

In explaining why the Biden/Harris ticket deserves that nickname Limbaugh quoted a source:

“It is no secret but public knowledge that Kamala Harris slept her way up into California political life by being a very public escort and mattress for California Democrat Kingmaker Willie Brown.”


“That is why Kamala Harris, who openly and brazenly slept her way into California Democrat state politics by publicly hooking onto the very married Willie Brown,

From that Limbaugh concludes:

So we have two different stories here that are trading off the known fact that she was Willie Brown’s mattress,

They had a consensual affair?

Advertisers on those radio stations, whether their ads are actually aired during the Limbaugh show or not, need to be asked if they think Senator Harris is a whore. All advertisers on those stations need to be asked. The advertising companies need to be asked. The ad executives need to be asked.

At fakenewsradio.org there’s a list of 87 universities that broadcast sports on 260 Limbaugh stations. They too need to be asked.

And recent research shows that 13 of the top 18 teams still playing NBA games this season broadcast sports on 32 radio stations that feature Republican/right-wing/racist talk show hosts. 16 of the 32 stations headline Limbaugh.

So, while basketball players kneel for the anthem and wear jerseys declaring black lives matter and slogans calling for equality and justice, team owners continue to broadcast games on racist radio stations serving Trump and calling the first black woman VP candidate a ‘ho’ who slept her way to political success.

All advertisers and sports teams that use Republican radio stations need to be asked if it’s okay to be associated with the regular ignorance, hate, and misogyny on those stations. If not, they need to be convinced to find apolitical alternatives.

They just need to be asked. And they can all be asked at the same time if the Democratic Party and media stops ignoring talk radio and makes it so.

Americans who believe in democracy need offense. We can’t rely on GOTV and fundraising and professional athletes.

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  1. Are there actual WORDS – or sufficient numbers of words – that can describe the likes of Rush Limbaugh. Printable words, I mean.

  2. Anyone wonder why it took this long for the the right wing “pundits” of the “true” media to call Senator Kamala Harris a whore? These jokers are losing their edge. Guess we’ll have to rely on the braying of Alex Jones and others if we want up to date juvenile name calling. Murrow, Cronkite, Huntley and Brinkley and all the commentator’s of previous generations would be ashamed of Limbaugh and his cronies for being so tardy on the personal insults, don’t you think?

    • Murrow, Cronkite, Huntley and Brinkley, Brokaw, Rather, Bernstein, Jennings, Daly, Amanpour, Woodward — these people were/are print and broadcast journalists. Rush Limbaugh is a loquacious, bigoted, racist, misogynistic, drug-addicted, venal, castigating, hack.

  3. There are plenty of words you could call Limbaugh and Trump, but moderators won’t allow it. They can write what they want and the trash like Limbaugh and Trump can say what they want, but the ordinary people are monitored and have to take their BS. You damn right I’m made. I don’t want that SOB Limbaugh to die in his sleep, I want him to every damn pain comes his way.

    • Psst. The only person who says he’s dying is Rush himself. It got him a Medal of Freedom. I’ll believe it when he’d dragging around Oxygen. It’s a marvel someone in Stage-4 cancer doesn’t occasionally run out of air. He’s a liar, and a con like DJT. Even creditors would play nicely. His Stage
      -4 hasn’t diminished his BS, breath, or volume. It’s REMARKABLE!

  4. Is Kamala Harris too much of a lady to tell Mr. Limbaugh to go copulate with himself, I think so and furthermore, he is just a Trump crony who certainly does not know how to address women, if Mr. Limbaugh Thinks by addressing women in this fashion is a good thing, then I suggest that he send out a search party for what’s left of any common decency or manners that he has left.

  5. The rot starts at the head for Limbaugh it has spent a long time working its way down.
    Not a big believer in the devil but Limbaugh has always given me pause.

  6. I hope she does sue him for slander. Show these clowns that they can’t just spew garbage. This is how Hillary ended up behind 57 email scandals. Cut it off and tie him up in courts like Trump does it. But I suppose the ACTUAL escort and mattress, MELANIA, who has nude photos on internet and well known to have been purchased by Trump is a lady.

  7. A ho. The first Black female Vice Presidential nominee is a ho. I have no words. No words for that cancer-riddled piece of semi-sentient garbage dump. All I can say is please smoke more of your nasty cigars, you racist trash fire. Make that cancer accelerate and kill you off faster.

  8. I thought this ass hole was DEAD. Why is he still breathing? This jackass have li ed to long, hell he has lived a misrable8 life in this world, he should pass on to a low life world where he can live in peace. RIP.

  9. You would think that someone facing death would be kinder! Guess not. Better repent now, “not to mention any threat of hell, but you better start to learn your lessons well.” (“Godspell”) I wonder what this makes Trump whom we KNOW paid women for sex?! I’m too nice to say, and I’m not going to throw any stones.

  10. Oh and that Freedom Medal he received from the AS$HOLE and Chief is WORTHLESS just like the AS$HOLE that gave it to him!!!

  11. This man supports someone who cheats on his wives and saw nothing wrong with taking his mistress, Marla Maples, on vacation with his wife and family, then pose for a photo op with her standing next to his unsuspecting wife and then laughing because he was hoping not to be caught because he would have the best of both worlds.

  12. Can I have a list of those pro teams and Universities who support Rush Limbaugh’s nasty comment so I can boycott and shame them for their support of an uncouth bigoted jack ass who clearly lacks any ethics or morals.

  13. Well, there you have it folks; our 2020 Medal of Freedom recipient. One of the most racist, hate filled pieces of shit in America. Did I mention a drug addict and pedophile too?

  14. Is he getting her confused with Melania??? I read that Kamala and Brown were two consenting adults, whereas Melania was a paid hoe!!!! There’s a difference. ????

  15. Limbaugh is the epitome of white privilege. If he was black, no way he’d still be on the radio. I bet he couldn’t debate her

  16. Wow! Guess its okay to disrespect women. Especially with a bisexual porn star in the White House. I thought God said women shouldn’t lay with women

  17. He’s a sick minded, sad sad – I was going to say man but that doesn’t fit, to good.
    So it’s perfectly fine to accept without comment all of the evil things “Drumph” has said about, done to, and done with women?
    They are all a bunch of hypocritical asses, Pence included, he’s maybe the worst.

  18. Kamala should take a page from melania and sue the f€£¥@#% bastard. There is a limit to what is free speech and this maggot has passed it. This is his payback to donnie for the recent award he got that he did not deserve.


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