Ah, finally a good old-fashioned Trump hiring story, the kind our days were filled with in the first weeks of the administration as Trump stuffed his team with fellow narcissistic, promoted-above-their-pay-grade, antithesis-of-their-supposed-job jackasses. Let’s all bask in the news that the person Donald Trump is “expected” to tap as top enforcer of federal wage and overtime rules was sued just last year for not paying her house cleaners.

Laurie Titus of Sunflower Cleaning Group stated in her suit that [current head of South Carolina’s Department of Employment and Workforce Cheryl Stanton] failed to pay for four house cleaning visits, at $90 each.

“I have emailed, mailed, and certified mailed trying to get payment,” the lawsuit said.

Well you can see why Trump likes her. Donald has nothing but respect for people who try to stiff their workers for a decent day’s work. It’s also very important to him that he surround himself with people who, like himself, other people can’t stand to work with.

Stanton has faced questions about her management.

“In all my years as a manager, I’ve never been spoken to by a supervisor in such a confrontational and abrasive manner as you have done in our last two meetings,” former Assistant Executive Director Bill Beckham wrote in an April 2016 resignation letter. […]

Beckham was one of several senior officials who left the agency under Stanton. At a legislative hearing in May, Republican state Sen. Thomas Alexander grilled Stanton on her executive turnover, which he said was higher than at other state agencies.

Ah, that’s the stuff—it’s like reliving the first days of Trumpism all over again. What’s most impressive is how diligently they’re working to find people that match the Trump criteria. Somewhere in the Trump White House there’s a gilded Ouija board being used to find all the bosses in America who are most hated by their own underlings; a magical Hogwarts owl with a bad toupee is then sent forth to offer those people top spots in a Trump-headed government.

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