Like A House Of Cards. Next To An Open Window.

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This is not going to have a Shrek ending. Right now, the only thing that can move opinions and change minds in the GOP Senate is public opinion, But if there’s one thing that can move public opinion, it’s flagrant, blatant bullshit, and that’s what both the GOP House, as well as the Senate, are offering people with their latest defenses of Trump.

Bill Maher has a whole routine about the GOP’s routine. We didn’t do it. Well, maybe we did it, but we didn’t even know we did it. Well, maybe we knew we did it, but we didn’t know it was illegal. OK,  maybe we knew it was illegal, but only a little illegal. OK, maybe it was a whole lot illegal, and we knew it, but it’s Trump, so Fuck You!

That was the official GOP line, scandal after scandal, all throughout the Mueller investigation. They did it because they knew that they could get away with it. With the Mueller proceedings being conducted strictly in secret, and with there being no real substantive leaks, the information that did surface was scattered and disjointed, with no cohesive narrative. Besides, the whole damn  thing was too ephemeral and confusing, and people didn’t really see the point anyway. What about my healthcare?!?

Well, that was then, and this is now. With this Ukraine scandal, the basic scheme is almost absurdly, Geico caveman simple to comprehend. And after a period of closed door, deposition testimony to lock in the words of the principals, the transcripts are being released to the public, and hearings are being held in public. And they’re proceeding in such a way that it’s depriving the GOP of a months worth of lead time by having Tubby the Ewok spin the final report.

The GOP is following the identical delay and divert tactic that they used for the Mueller investigation, but this time it’s not working. While actual, reality based facts are spewing out of the House committees, under orders of The Pampers President, only bullshit is to be used to defend His Lowness and his actions. And that sucks for the GOP, since every time they spin a  line of phantasmagorical bullshit, there are facts there to disprove it, unlike the secret testimony and evidence of the Mueller probe.

First the Republicans hung their hat on the fact that there was no quid pro quo. I have written extensively on how beautifully the Democrats let them tie themselves up in that one, then not only proved a quid pro quo, but moving it from the less favorable political aspects of Latin, and calling it extortion and bribery instead, terms much more common, and easier to relate to.

Then the GOP tried whining about how all of the testimony was second and third hand, basically that it was “hearsay”evidence. But as legendary prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, who put Charlie Manson on death row once wrote, There are so many exceptions to the hearsay rule that, rather than say “Hearsay is inadmissible except in the case of,” it would be more efficient to say “Hearsay is admissible except when. And unfortunately, there are seasoned veteran prosecutors on the Democratic side of the panel who are more than happy to point that out for general educational purposes.

The newest “flavor of the month,” especially for Jim Jordan was that there was no linkage in any of the calls between Trump and Zelensky. Trump never verbally demanded Zelensky start the investigations in return for the aid being released. But the problem with that one is that any fool can tell you that, while the Godfather may have sent two mastodons in cheap suits over to the candy store to demand the baksheesh, the fact that he didn’t send a personalized calling card didn’t mean that the order didn’t come from him. After all, that’s what flunkies are for, right?

And now they’re trying to pin the whole thing on one or more of the Three Amigos, that Trump was blameless, and these morons were acting out on their own. Sadly for the GOP, we now have one confirmed witness, with two other possible corroborating witnesses, who heard The Mango Messiah himself, in his own cheesy voice, grilling EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland on whether or not President Zelensky was willing to pay ball with the investigations. Worse yet, Sondland admitted after the call that Trump couldn’t give a shit less about the Ukraine, only the Biden investigations.

Here’s the rub. Eventually, if they survive all of their childhood diseases, everybody sooner or later does something that they’re not particularly proud of. And if they’re caught at it, their natural tendency is to bullshit about it. Everybody understands that, and to a certain extent, they’re willing to more or less forgive and forget if the person finally fesses up once they’re caught out on the bullshit. But Trump and the GOP aren’t dong that, they’re going from lame bullshit to lamer bullshit story, and all that does is to piss people off, thinking they’re being played for fools.

This is nothing new, and the smarter Republicans, especially in the Senate, would like nothing better than to say, “Hell, it wasn’t very smart, and clearly improper, but there’s an election in a year, so let’s let the people decide.” But Trump isn’t allowing them to do that, his voracious ego refuses to let him be shown as being wrong. And as a result, the GOP is being moved from an untenable position to an impossible position, something is going to have to break. Either the GOP Senate breaks with Trump, or the voters break the GOP’s balls. It’s getting to be just that simple.

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Break their balls…. Love it

Dick Panico
Dick Panico
If Trump is going to choose someone to represent him to the public ,Jordan would be the last person to choose. He’s a known,( accused by many friends) of being a “ sexual abuser enabler”, himself . .,It will go to court soon ,but why would you want this (also accused ), sexual pervert defending Trump? . There has to be a connection of some type , that would make Trump pick this guy . ..They seem to be “birds of a feather “. ..Accused by many , (slippery enough ), to stall the the trial’s , but “assumed guilty”… Read more »
chris whitley
chris whitley

That’s because the list is short on people that will stand up and lie for the clown. They are still going but these guys have read these reports and they know trump stepped in it. And now you have the idiot doing real-time tweets against her. It don’t take a rocket scientist to know he just broke a law.

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

Your first time? WOW , What party do you work for ?